Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating Ada

I am sad to say that this post would contain a lot more pictures, but I somehow deleted all of them--though I have no clue how.  Thankfully, I had saved a few before the catastrophe occurred (I was in the process of saving them to my computer from a disc, when mysteriously they all disappeared) and Jessica (who took the pictures--THANK YOU, Jessica!!) had posted a few on facebook, so I gathered what I had, and I am throwing this together before I somehow, without even knowing it, delete these too.  Can you tell I'm frustrated?  Anyway, onto Ada's 5th birthday party...

 we played "pin the crown on the princess"
 painted finger nails
 This is Kayla, the one whom Ada said was her best friend in her 5th birthday interview
 decorated cookies

cupcakes!!  And apparently I was giving two thumbs up?!  Now I am wondering if this is a habit of mine, and I didn't even know it...
and this little cutie patootie was also at the party

Jessica also took pictures at John's second birthday, and I have never posted those, so I am going to do that next.  Just a few months after the fact...

p.s. the boys at the party did not paint their fingernails ;)  They decorated shields while the girls were busy with their nails.  And I even had a picture of the boys decorating their shields, but it is long gone.

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