Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Half of Vacation

We are so back in the real world, that it's a little bit hard for me to know what to say about the second half of vacation.  I know that it was wonderful.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Ada and I soaked up every bit of sand, sunshine, and salt water that we possibly could.  Scott and John did too, but they cut it off at lunch time everyday so that John could nap and Scott could have some down time.  It was a special week for Ada and me because we had a lot of time with just the two of us.  At home during John's nap, I use that time to get things done around the house, have some of my own down time, basically, Ada knows that is rest time for everyone, which translates to we each do our own thing for the most part (though we do watch What Not To Wear and The Pioneer Woman Cooks together from time to time).  At the beach, we spent our entire afternoon really being together.  And little Ada never stopped talking.  I mean, non-stop.  It was eye opening to me that if I will take the time to just do things with her that she loves to do--board games being the number one thing that I really don't like and the she always wants to do--I would really hear a lot of what is going on in her little mind. 

And the energy.  Oh. my. word.  That child would swim in the pool--she really took off with swimming, jumping in and swimming about half the length of the pool to me--play in the waves, build sand castles, etc. etc.  all day long, and when I was absolutely worn slap out, dragging myself down the street to our house--which was a good little walk--Ada was usually sprinting down the street.  It was an endless supply of energy until she would absolutelyy crash into bed at night.  Maybe because I was so relaxed and had nothing on my schedule, but I feel like I received new insight into her personality while at the beach.

Bottom line, I am very thankful that we got to go.  Not to be super dramatic or anything, but I got teary eyed when we first drove into the South Walton area and we saw the ocean.  I felt very seen by the Lord.  The trip was clearly a gift from Him, and we took full advantage of a relaxed schedule and lots of stress-free family time.  And a few pictures...

 the walk to the beach

Ada's thoughts on the beach ;)  This girl loves to pose for a picture
 fish tacos in Seaside--yum!!!
 crazy kids
Breakfast at The Donut Hole--again, yum!!!
 ice cream in Seaside--Ada was worried because it was already dripping
 Another GREAT meal--The Seagrove Village Market Cafe...I had a grouper sandwich, and it was my favorite meal of the vacation.  Try it if you're in the area!

A wonderful week!!!!

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