Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello, internet friends.  Are you out there?

We Moores have been dealing with sickness all week, mostly Scott, with a little bit of John and Ada thrown in.  And, thank you, Lord, I have not been sick, but I am just exhausted as a side effect of being wife and mom to the sick ones.  You  understand, right?

We have a new, wonderful, feature with our insurance--teladoc, for those times when you just need a quick conversation with a doctor.  So last night, when I was a bit at my wit's end, all it took was a phone call and John had a prescription waiting for him at CVS for his goopy eyes.  Not really pink eye, but pink eye sort of.  More like, his eyes overflow whenever he gets a cold. ( Remember his eye procedure over a year ago?  During our "crazy" year?)  I was so very thankful for that phone call.  No doctor's appointment, no germy waiting room.  All I needed was some eye drops, and we got them.  And then later that night, when Scott realized he still wasn't well, a week into his sickness (and he had already been to the doctor earlier in the week, testing negative for flu and strep), we made another teladoc call, and Scott had an antibiotic and cough suppressant waiting for him at CVS.  And just like that, the Moore men are on the mend.  Miraculous. 

I am hoping and praying for lots of sleep this week.  I just want some sleep.  And for everyone to be well and to stay well.

Also, I have been looking up some articles on what a kindergarten reading level even is, and it looks like we might be more on track than I realized.  So, we are really, really, really focusing on vowel sounds, and I am reminding Ada to "think of the pictures" every single time (you know, e-e-elephant), and we are making serious progress!!  yay, yay, yay.  Pinterest is also really coming through for me with lots of fun worksheets for short vowel practice. 

And we have a big birthday coming up on Friday--John turns three.  I confess that Ada was mostly completely potty trained by her third birthday.  John is not.  Mostly because I dread the whole thing.  But, I think we are just going for it this week.  This is what I can't figure out.  With Ada, we just stayed home for several days and did nothing but focus on potty training, and we got it done (except for the issues she had for months after that, but I won't go into that), but we don't have that option now.  We really don't have any days in the week where we don't have some where that we have to be.  How do I potty train when we are on the go so much?  We have chunks of time that we are at home, but how do we not have set backs when we're not at home?  For example. on Tuesday during CC, John is in the nursery from 9-12, and I can probably take him to the potty once during that time.  There is only one adult in the nursery, with no attached bathroom, so she can't take John to the potty because she has to stay with the other kids.  Any advice?  Do pull-ups really work, or is that the same as letting him still wear diapers?  I am a fan of going cold turkey.  With Ada, we took the diapers away and never went back, but we were at home when she had "accidents" and those only lasted for about three days.  I don't know how to potty train not using the "cold turkey" approach.  Any advice on that, anyone?  Moms who work, how do you potty train with your kids in daycare or with a baby-sitter?  Advice please!!  Also, John doesn't seem to be bothered by accidents, where Ada was very bothered by them, which worked in our favor.  Bottome line, I don't want to do this!!!

Anyway, that's all.  Just checking in really quickly.  It's an exciting Saturday night over here, as you can see ;)


Amanda said...

haha...i don't want to potty train either and have no advice sorry! Maybe you can figure it out and share. Sorry yall have been sick. Will had goopy eyes this week too with a double ear infection and sinus infection.

Laura Forman said...

Girl, why is it that we are always in the same place at the same time with our kiddos? I often think of you during my days and wonder what would LB do or how has she handled this or that...and now I am dealing with potty training Jack too. He was doing really well until we had Tucker and now we have a set back. I am using pull ups now, really I am just lazy and I have put off potty training (again). We do big boy underwear at home, but just the other day, he kept having accidents and it was just too much for me. I know he can do it, I just have to put aside a chunk of time to work with him. It's just so hard, Sadie potty trained so easy, completely different with little boys!!!
Oh and Tucker had a blocked tear duct, couldn't help but think of your John! :)
I wish we were closer so we could have play dates. I want to pick your brain about CC, thinking about doing it with Sadie in the fall. (She will be 5 in June)

Corrie said...

Ok LB you'll probably think I'm crazy but I'm now a full believer in the Farmer's Almanac best days for weaning and potty training! You can look it up on google, just type in farmer's almanac best days and then under parenting you'll see best days to potty train. We used this for getting rid of our paci and for potty training and it works! Luckily for you this month's best days start tomorrow! I used it for Austyn and started it in Dec and she really was doing great with it but we had a set back with her getting a UTI, but by the next month's best days she was a pro! And I learned with her I had to go cold turkey and get her out of pullups. She knew she could go in her pullups, no big deal. As long as she was in panties no problems, no accidents but as soon as I put a pull up on her she'd wet in it. Of course we still do pullups at bedtime just in case. Good Luck!!