Sunday, February 3, 2013

Before I was Mom

Tonight, as Scott watches the Super Bowl, and I look for ways to kill time, I started looking at old pictures on facebook.  Just for fun.  And I stumbled upon these.  Life, a long, long time ago, or so it seems, before I was mom (except I guess was already a mother, really), when I was a newlywed, teaching American and British Literature to students who really didn't like literature.  But, oh goodness, did I love those students.

That job was so stinkin' hard at first.  And I cried and I stayed late and I prayed and I figured it out as much as a first year teacher can.  I don't know what they learned that year.  Sometimes it seems I imagined the whole thing.  But, thank the Lord, I took some pictures one day towards the end of the semester, so that moment is frozen it time.  It really did happen.  Scott sometimes asks, if the sky was the limit and you weren't a mom and you could do any job, what would it be, and I honestly, honestly, honestly answer, "it would be that one.  The job I had for that one year."  I would teach high school English to those kids. 

Here is the evidence that I did teach.  Once.  A long time ago.


p.s. lots of different classrooms are pictured.  Because I was a first year teacher and low on the totem pole, I was a "floater."  In other words, no classroom of my own.  Just me and my rolling cart, with stuff piled high and falling off.  I was no more organized as a teacher than I am now ;)  And when my stomach kept getting larger and larger, I had lots of kind male students who "took care of me" and met me in my office to help me get up the stairs with all of my stuff.


Jessica said...

love it! so fun to see all your students...I especially love the full belly pregnant look so cute!

Mary said...

I love this so much!! I especially love the shot where the girls have their hand on your Ada belly! I can tell that they loved you!