Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday Party, sort of

Okay, I am going to post a few birthday party photos (really bad photography, really, really bad), and then we can move on from the birthday ;) 

I planned to invite a few of John's friends over for a little Toy Story themed party, but I have been sick all week with a sinus infection and literally no voice, so I cancelled that, and we opted for just the four of us Moores.  We had dinner at Chick-fil-a, where Ada and John played on the play ground, and then we went home to a Toy Story cake and a few presents.  And, you know what, John was as thrilled over the evening as if we had thrown a huge shindig.  Seriously, he was, so lesson learned in keeping things simple!  Especially when they are as young as three!!  Okay, the photos and then a few things I want to remember about John at age three.

 His only request from the very first mention of his third birthday was a toy story birthday cake, so that is what he got.  And he fell asleep tonight with the Buzz and Woody figurines from the cake clasped tightly in each fist.

 John wasn't too thrilled about the whole party idea at this point
 Like I said, we kept it simple ;)
 But a little sweet tea perked him right up

 these are out of order, but above he is clapping because he blew out his candles, and below he is grinning so big because we were singing to him.  He loved it.

 Jessie!!  he said

And above is Mac, purchased with money sent from the grandparents and my aunt (plus Rex, pictured in the bottom corner).  He LOVED this Mac truck, which Scott picked out.  It was a last minute decision, because we were looking for a tricycle.  However, the tricycle shelves were rather bare, so we went a different route and will look again closer to summer.  The Mac truck holds his cars, and he can drive them around, but it also unfolds into a ramp which he can play with.  He ended up not even eating his cake because he wanted to play with the truck. 

And what do I want to record about my John at age three?

It seems that he is going to be quite the introvert.  His favorite thing right now is to climb up into his bed and play with his cars and toy story characters, and he prefers that none of us be in the room with him while he plays.  He can do this for a while.  He does love to play with Ada, though, and they are very, very close.  At home he can be very outgoing--silly, making us laugh, excited, but around other people he is much more reserved.  Even around extended family, especially when it's a large crowd.  He continues to love his blankies, and he now wants both of them.  It was supposed to be a back up situation so that I could switch them out if one needed to go in the washing machine, but he has managed to attach himself to both. 

He likes to read books, usually sticking with one in particular for at least a week.  He likes to count and can count to ten and some after that, missing numbers here and there.  He knows his colors, but I confess, he definitely doesn't know any letters.  He LOVES television, so I have to really, really monitor that, as it is easy for me to use that as a baby-sitter. 

His imagination is really taking off, as he begins to create little pretend worlds with his cars and toy story characters, and he often makes me have conversations with his toys ;)  He does love Kate Harman, as he mentioned in his birthday interview, as they spend lots of time together.  He also loves his cousin Andrew, who he calls Washer(?!), but he obviously doesn't see him a whole lot.  He talks about him, though.

He is still very small for his age, bless him.  He wears size 24 month pants and 2T shirts, and I will be glad to see what the doctor has to say about his size.  He is very active and fully of energy, though, so I don't really worry about it.  He really doesn't eat much, but then he'll have like three days in a row where he will eat three really good meals a day.  I try hard to stick to the no snacks between meals on the days that he isn't eating much, so I am trusting that it's true that he won't starve himself ;) 

He still takes a good two to three hour nap everyday, which I am super thankful for.  Ada and I enjoy that down time.  Or at least I do, Ada rarely enjoys any sort of down time. 

He is super attached to me, and I want to work on his getting more attached to Scott.  He loves Scott, but always prefers me over anyone else, which can be exhausting.  We are starting to have discipline issues with him, so Scott and I need to "crack down" on some things.  At age three, he is starting to resist us on just about everything, which I guess goes with the age.

Most importantly, though, we love that little guy.  He is my cuddle bug, and so, so funny.  And I pray, of course, that God turns John's heart towards Him.  That John will love God with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength, and that God will direct John's steps all the days of John's life. 

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rhodes1 said...

I haven't had a working computer in quite a while, but today, suddenly it's working. It was so fun to have so many blog posts to read! John's answers to the quiz were amazing.

By the way, the church that I was so excited about in Nashville, as it turns out, it was started by Derek Webb. As you can imagine, I'm a little less excited now :(