Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My blog is so silent these days.

It's just that if I did blog, it would probably go something like this

reading, reading, phonics, complain, complain, potty training, complain, reading, more phonics, potty training, potty training going really badly, complain, complain, phonics, analyze the phonics and the reading, get the what do I do?

We are on winter break, sort of, this week?  Not really, because we are still doing school, but I didn't have to prepare for class this past Tuesday (do ya'll know that I "teach" once a week, which we call tutor, in Ada's class at Classical Conversations?), which was a nice break. 

I really can't think of anything else to say.  I think the things that I am mostly thinking about are either phonics and potty training, and along with that, how much I HATE being out of control ;).

or it's just stuff that isn't really blogging type stuff. 

We were also all sick for most of February, and it's been a lot of cooped up inside.  I might be feeling the wintery blues just a bit.  And isn't it supposed to rain tomorrow?  And I'm hormonal.  It's a fabulous combination, all of these emotions, that make me just a delight to be around.  Be very jealous of my husband and children and my in real life friends.

Tonight, while Scott and I were cooking pancakes and bacon for dinner (Scott is the pancake cooker here, and I needed a dinner that was cheap and that my kids would eat.  Sure enough, they cleaned their plates), Scott even made me list things I was thankful for.  Something we make Ada do when her attitude stinks as mine did.

I am thankful for Scott, Ada, and John.  This warm, cozy house.  Food on my plate.  Scott's job.  Classical Conversations and my homeschooling community.  Homeschooling.  Being at home with my kids.  My friends, who get to listen in person to my never ending analysis of Ada's reading ability.  They are all so patient with me.  Friends and family; I mean, I could list those two over and over again.  That right now, I am not experiencing any persecution.  Sometimes, at night, when I climb into my warm, super comfy bed, I think about Christians around the world who are in the midst of severe persecution and are separate from their family and their beds.  I am thankful for the comfort of my bed at the end of hard days.

So, really, phonics and potty training?  These aren't big problems when I look at the big picture.

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