Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Real. Live. Tea Party.

first, the state of the pregnancy.  I'm so tired.  My stomach is so big.  (at the doctor's appointment yesterday I was 32 weeks plus a few days, but my stomach measured 38 weeks.  Ahhhhh.  stomp my feet and pout that I have to carry around a 38 week stomach but labor is not in sight.  The midwife measured three times to be sure).  But Evie is looking a little bit smaller--back on the charts--yay.  Her head is still giant, but this is apparently good because a big head clears the way for her shoulders during delivery.  A frightening thought, but good, none the less.  She is slightly redeeming herself, though, because the ultrasound tech said she definitely has hair!!  Following the trend set by her sister and brother--yay!

Anyway, despite my ever growing mid-section that occupies my mind most of the time--other things are happening in our life.

For one six year old, BIG things are happening.  Ada was invited to her first real tea party, and her excitement was high, to say the least.  You know, carrying the invitation around and reading it multiple times a day.  Planning her outfit several days in advance, only to change her mind the day of.  Imagining, out loud, what the tea party would be like. The typical girl reaction to this kind of thing, don't you think?


And her thoughts afterward?  She said, "mama, she decorated so good!!!"  And she immediately began planning the tea party she wants to have for her next birthday party. 

In other words, it was a hit.

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