Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long Overdue Girl's Weekend

This is me with my dear, dear friend Lindsay at my rehearsal dinner.

Lindsay was one of the first girls that I met in Auburn, shortly after we both pledged ADPi.  It wasn't until sophomore year, however, that I began to consider her one of my very best friends.  Lindsay played a huge role in my college experience, and she even got married only two weeks after me.  It was such a blessing to have her to call throughout that first year of marriage as I was realizing that maybe marriage isn't quite what I had always expected it to be. Ha:)  It always helped to hear that I wasn't the only one going through a bit of an adjustment period.

She was always super smart and super studious in school, and it has paid off as she is now a physical therapist.  Because we are now in different stages of life, we don't get to talk nearly as often as I would like to.  But we agree that when we do talk, it is as if no time has passed at all.  I have been meaning to go visit Lindsay in Birmingham since before John was born.  Now, it is over a year later, and I think the trip is actually going to happen. 

Just a few short days ago, I thought I was going to have to cancel yet again, due to this crazy virus that has attacked my home, but Scott assures me that he wants me to go and that he "will be fine."  So, as of this evening, I plan to head to Birmingham this weekend for some MUCH NEEDED girl time.  I am beside myself with excitement. 

As a mom, it is always bittersweet to be away from my children.  On the one hand, it is such refreshment.  On the other hand, any time spent away includes a bit of a homesick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I can't help it.  These kiddos are a part of me.  I know they will be fine without me, though, and if they aren't, it's just one night.  Plus, I think Scott's parents are coming for the weekend to help out, so that will be a treat for Ada and John. 

Bring on the girl time.  I can't wait to talk and relax and eat a meal without being interrupted 500 times.  I am so excited.


Corrie said...

I know what you mean about the mixed feelings about being away but I always find it so refreshing and probably better for the kids than if I'd stayed home! I don't get away much but even just a night out with the girls gives me just the break away without stress that I need to make me be a better mom when I get home! I love my girls and wouldn't trade them for the world but sometimes you just have to have a break and recharge! So have a blast!!

Katie B said...

have so much fun! i miss you girls like crazy!!!