Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

Sickness has moved into our house, and it seems determined to stay.  (which is apparently true for a lot of people these days.)

John had a fever last weekend, and we stayed home from church last Sunday because we were all feeling fairly crummy.  Well, I waited out his cold all week, but his eye got runnier and runnier (he still has a clogged tear duct), and I began to suspect both pink eye and an ear infection.  Finally after a few rough nights in a row, I took him to the doctor on Friday morning.  Sure enough, pink eye and a double ear infection. 

Well, after the appointment and then getting the prescription filled, Ada began to act a little strange, refusing to eat her lunch and then refusing to eat her dinner.  Strangest of all?  She asked if she could go to bed last night.  Asked!!  So obviously I wasn't surprised when she woke up at 10 last night with a stomach virus.  After stripping her bed and giving her a quick bath, she fell asleep in our bed, until we had to repeat the entire process a couple of hours later.  Finally, at midnight, she and I both ended up in her twin bed (with fresh sheets), where she insisted on lying right beside me.  We were taking up about 1/4 of the bed.  And we slept on and off through the night, waking up periodically for her to get sick.  It was a doozy of a night.

Then today, John has been so very fussy, I am sure from the ear infection, and I was trying not to nurse him.  Well, he decided to absolutely throw a fit.  It was really funny to watch.  Scott tried to pick him up to comfort him, but he was flailing about so much, that Scott had to put him on the ground to keep from dropping him.  At one point during the fit, John spotted the boppy.  It was hilarious because he immediately walked himself over there and tried to pick up the boppy.  Obviously it was too big and heavy for him to carry, so he just put his hand on it, looked at me, and pushed it towards me.  I was getting the message loud and clear:)  He wouldn't let it go either.  He was determined that I was going to pick up that boppy and nurse him.  Finally, he won.  I told myself that he is still feeling bad, and we will get back to weaning in a couple of days.  I am a bit frustrated because he was DONE, and then he got sick, and we are back to square one.

The good news?  My sick children are both in bed before 6:30, and Scott has gone to pick up a movie for us to watch.  So, though it's been a stressful day, I think, I think, we are looking at a relaxing night.  And Ada hasn't been sick in a few hours, so hopefully we are past the worst of it.  She is counting on attending a birthday party tomorrow, but we'll see if that actually happens.  She keeps insisting that she's "all better," so that she can go. 

And, by the way, I think the fact that John is old enough to process the fact that the boppy equals nursing means he is old enough to stop nursing.  Do you agree?


Mary Ann said...

I am so sorry your children have been sick. That story about John and the boppy is hysterical. Oh, he is a smart little stinker is what he is! So cute that Ada said she is "all better" and is counting so big on going to the party tomorrow. I hope you and Scott got to watch the movie in peace and quiet.

Love you.

jane said...

i think the 1 year weaning idea is totally cultural... you have to figure out what y'all are comfortable with...weaning can be a long process- anna was fine not nursing if i wasn't there, but it broke her heart when i got back home... it was gradual and on again off again- grace grace for those little things as they get used to the world without that ultimate comfort and mommy connection. hope that is helpful...

joy said...

wow...i HATE when the kids are sick and BOTH of them is super tough!!!!!!!!! i will be praying so have you and scott steered clear of the throwing up..that is always my fear..yes. fear.
boo. about the nursing thing. its ok though. he knows what he likes and at least its you. it wont always be. and as you said you saw the fit you know his ability to process solutions to problems. he will find a solution to his desire to nurse too!!