Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Day to Day

One of my favorite times of the day is when this little guy is so clean and wrapped up in a hooded towel.  He smells so sweet, and he feels so cuddly.   

Last night Ada had her ballet recital at our church.  Here Ada is in the church nursery before the "show" standing still while Miss Anna put some make up on Ada.  Ada loves Miss Anna (a teenager in our church, and Ada's ballet teacher). 

Here Anna is putting make up on some of the other little ballerinas.  Some of my friends took better pictures last night, so when I get those I will post them and write more about ballet and the recital.

Today Ada received a package from Near--mostly it was things that we left at my mom's house (mom always has stuff that I left.  I am notorious for leaving my things behind), but it also included the book that mom made for Ada. 
And in other news, John is dealing with his first big disobedience issue.  It's the stairs.  The temptation is just too much for him.
We have blocked the stairs, but he has just in the past few days been able to "unblock" them, and he even fell down the stairs the other morning.  Which resulted in a breatholding spell, ending in his passing out, coming to, and then being so tired he went down for a nap.  This did not deter him, however.

It continues to be an issue, and as a result John received his first real spanking (actually several spankings over the course of a few days).  I will sit on the couch, he will stand where you see him above, and I will say, "no sir!" very firm.  He usually smiles at me, waves, and says, "ey" (hey), and then continues with his mission.  At which point, if he is able to successfully move the "obstacle," and begin his climb up the stairs, he gets a spanking.

 He is a determined little booger, and even figured out how to climb over the box.  This is a first for John.  Ada was a climber from the get-go, climbing long before she learned to walk, but John hasn't been a big climber.  Until now.  It's his first lesson in obedience, bless him. 
And those are the highlights of our week. 


Ann said...

Great and hilarious post! Wish I could've seen the recital!

Mary Ann said...

I am dying over this precious post and the adorable pictures.

Mary said...

He is looking so big to me all of a sudden! Hard to believe he is getting to that toddler stage already. Cute post!! I am waiting for better pictures from others' too!