Monday, May 30, 2011

Thankful. #s 101-110.

100.  Freedom.  The men and women who died and are serving to make that possible.  I love these images over at The Pioneer Woman's site. 

101.  Summer.  Summer will be a reoccurring thing in tonight's list.  Remind me of that in a few weeks when I am DESPISING the heat. 

102.  The first watermelon of summer.

103.  John's first time in the baby pool.

104.  Little girls' screaming in delight over the sprinkler.

105.  Lightening bugs.

106.  Ten dollar pizza deals when I forget to put the pork roast in the crock pot and all other dinner options are frozen rock solid.

107.  Redbox dollar movies with Scott after the kids are in bed.  Relaxation

108.  John's loving books, even if right now the love includes throwing and slinging and making a mess.  We'll get there;)

109.  A shampooed carpet.  Stains removed--stress removed.  Thank you, friends!!

110.  Bedtime issues halfway solved.  Now if I would only stop waking up in Ada's bed--I have no memory of actually going in there when I wake up in the morning, which makes it hard to deal with in the middle of the night;)

Oh...and because Ada often has an ungrateful spirit (to say the least), I am teaching her be thankful when she wants to pitch. a. fit. instead.  So, her list so far...

Ada is thankful for

1.  playing in her pool
2.  playing in the mud
3.  cheese


Laura Forman said...

Love your thankful fors! I just had to tell you that I used your discipline of "pinching" yesterday. Sadie was so stubborn and spanking wasn't working, so I resorted to a pinch on the leg and it worked! She decided it actually hurt and obeyed. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful for you and your blog because you helped me keep my sanity yesterday! :) Lots of love!

rhodes1 said...

So, after I posted about The Hiding Place, I was just waiting for your response. The book was absolutely amazing. It really has changed my perspective.

And I also get excited about your thankful lists. And Ada's comments/conversations never fail to make me laugh out loud. Cheese.