Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday and Open House

I'll go in order.

Thursday night was open house for Classical Conversations, and Ada was fired up.  This girl is ready for school to start; I hope it doesn't disappoint.  It was a fun night of meeting the other families who will come alongside us as we begin the homeschooling "journey."  I am eager to get started.

A few quick pictures of Ada as we begin this thing.

And yesterday, I turned 29.  It was a normal day, as these days tend to be after you have children or just become an adult in general.  Ada was very concerned about my not having a party.  She wanted to know who I was going to invite, what kind of cake I was going to have, etc. etc.  She could not grasp that it just doesn't work that way as an adult.

I did spend the evening at my friend Kate's house for a Thirty-One open house.  And while there, sweet friends loaded a cupcake with 29 candles.  It nearly burned the house down.
I can't believe I am one year away from 30.  I repeat, I will eternally feel 21.  I really think I will.

And in more birthday news, my parents sent me an Amazon gift card, which is super exciting.  And I made a quick decision to use the gift card to purchase a beginner-friendly sewing machine.  (I say quick; I've been thinking about what machine I want for about a year; I had a sewing machine given to me by a friend, but it wasn't very beginner-friendly, so I passed it on to my mom)  I googled best machines for beginners, and this seemed to be the unanimous vote.  (okay, best machines for beginners under 100.00)  I also ordered a sewing book and even looked up you tube videos to see if this specific machine was on you tube.  It is.  I fully believe if I can get the machine and bobbin threaded, I will be good to go.  I think you tube can help me with that.  My ex-fashion design self really wants to get back to sewing (very basic sewing), and I would love to be able to make a few simple things for Ada and John. and pillows.  just a basic pillow cover.  Also, because of my height "impairment" my pants are always too long.  Always.  So, I want to be able to hem pants.  That would be life-changing for me.

And that is what is happening with us.

Moving week is next week.  We are eager to get settled before "school" begins.  We continue to be blown away by gifts from friends.  They just keep coming in, and each one is a huge blessing.  God is so very good, and he has given us such good friends.  (and family).


Laura Forman said...

Oh I can't wait to see how you like the sewing machine!! That is something that I would love to be able to day :) Think I will wait to see how you like it!

Jessica said...

oh so fun LB! so glad you got one!! what a fun gift!

Elizabeth said...

Wow. You did it. You picked out a machine. Exciting! Any updates on the covering of the lampshade?


Sarah Garner said...

Happy birthday LB! I have a brother machine too. Just searched amazon for top selling with best reviews. Very technical I know. :) I love it though and hope you will too! I would also like a lamp shade update!

atfarrar said...

Laura Beth - love the lamps! It's so interesting to read about all the projects that you and Shannon
are tackling, especially with small
kids! Best wishes on your move. You all remain in our prayers, "Miss" April