Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lamp Update

We have success--almost.  I need to add trim around the edges, and I need to finish spray painting the base, but I am giddy on the inside that I have nearly accomplished the task at hand.

Okay, what I started with--base from Goodwill.  Shade marked 75% off at Target.  Fabric and spray paint from Hobby Lobby. I bought two yards of fabric to cover two lamp shades, and that seems to be just the right amount (with a little extra) to cover these large shades.

okay, here the fabric is glued on, but I still needed to trim the edges (which is what the trim is for, to cover the raw edges)
and the finished product on the non-painted base.
on the in-process base
here, you can see the raw edges.  All of the "tutorials" say to choose a trim to give it a finished look, so that is my final step.


Laura Forman said...

Very impressed!!

Amanda said...

Wow I LOVE that lamp! Great job and you can't beat Goodwill for some lamp bases. Love the shade fabric, love it all!!!!

rhodes1 said...

Very cute!

Elizabeth said...

Looks great! and thanks for the Saturday afternoon post. So fun to come in from working in yard and gettin cleaned up and find a new post by somebody. obviously I haven't posted in a while - still, I love it when others do.

Love the lamp. Can't remember what color you said the base will be.

shannon said...

I'm so impressed!! Looks great. What color are you painting the bases?

Mary said...

I am so impressed! I love the fabric you chose for the shade and love the colors all together, so cute!

Kathy said...

awesome job! love it!