Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hallelujah, we have internet.

Oh my goodness.  So much has been happening, and I haven't been able to blog.  And blogging is how I process.  Well, writing is how I process, but these days, writing = blogging.

So...we have internet, after ten days without it.  And much has happened since I last blogged.

I think I will do this in list form.

1.  We moved.  We are moved in, and very nearly settled.  And, we are adjusting very well, all things considered.  Scott and I each had our emotional moments, where the reality of what was happening overwhelmed us, but we moved on from those moments, and we are actually loving our little, 1942, rental house.  The yard is great, the "old house" of it is great, and I actually like the smallness.  It has been so much easier to stay on top of the cleaning because there is so much less to clean.  In fact, every night after dinner, we have a quick family "pick up," and by the time the kids are in bed, the house is in order.  Crazy thought, right?

And, amazingly enough, Ada and John are doing Great with sharing a room.  In fact, I think Ada is doing better at bed time.  I think she is comforted by the fact that John is in the room with her.  We put John down first, and we do our story and prayer routine in the master bedroom, and then we "sneak" Ada into her bed.  It has worked great so far.  Thank you, Lord!!!  We can feel his hand all over this move, and we are so thankful.  Let me show you a few parts of the house...

 This is our front room and play room/ "office"/ place I love to read a book or do my "quiet time."  I usually sneak away to the (freshly slipcovered) love seat during rest time, while John naps and Ada watches cartoons on the couch.  Though that is technically our front door, I doubt it will ever be used as such.  Our driveway takes people around to the back of the house, so I assume that people will always come through the kitchen door.  (which is a shame, because the kitchen is my absolute least favorite part of the house).

 more shots of that front room
 the front door leads to the glassed in front porch, which Ada and John spend hours on.  This is John playing "peek-a-boo."  Scott is going to borrow a pressure washer, because even after vacuuming and mopping the floor of the porch, it still turns Ada and John's feet black.  Years of dirt, I suppose. 
 Really, we spend the majority of our day on the porch.  I thought it would be too hot, but it's really not.  I am very thankful for that extra room.

This is the master bedroom.  There is not much else to say.  It is connected to John and Ada's room by a short hall, with a bathroom in between our two bedrooms.  So, a visitor has to walk through the master to get to the bathroom.  This is great motivation to keep my room clean!!  And so far, so good (other than the obvious "moving" clutter).
And the kitchen.  My old, ugly kitchen.  I don't know why they won't at least paint the walls and cabinets, but it's functional.  It gets the job done, and I am thankful for that. 
And just to give you an idea of the lay out of the house (mainly because I know family might be curious), this is from the front room looking all the way back to the kitchen.  From the front room, there is a door to the master, and from the dining room, there is a door to Ada and John's room (and the laundry room).  And, like I said, we are enjoying the house more than I thought we would.  It feels like home already.  Again, thank you, Lord.

There is so much more to report...

Ada started school, which means I started teaching at CC.  We have started watching a friend's little boy.  Scott starts work next week...etc. etc. etc.

I mainly want to write about Ada starting school, of course, so I will probably be back with a post about that tomorrow.  So much for my list, right?

Overall, we are feeling very, very thankful, and very, very taken care of by God.  Again, this is not how we would have "written our story," but we can feel God directing our steps at every turn.  Praise Him.  Over and over, praise Him!!


Mary Ann said...

So glad you finally have internet. Thanks so much for the post on the house, etc. I have been thinking about y'all so much. I love the house, and the way you have it fixed and arranged, etc. Pix of John and Ada are so precious as usual.

Love you.

shannon said...

Have been missing your posts! Glad to hear that everyone is getting settled. Read your eamil last night and was so anxious to see pics of the house. It's adorable! Your lamps look great on either side of the bed. I love old houses & glad you're enjoying yours.

Kate Rhodes said...

the house looks great, laura beth!! i love an old house. and i hope things continue to get better with ada in school. gosh, she's cute. they both are.

Mary said...

I really do love how you have everything arranged, love the rug on the porch...everything looks so cute!!!