Monday, August 8, 2011

Thankful #s 162-170.


162.  for God's provision and obvious hand on our lives at every twist and turn.

163.  a rental house that will provide some stability in the midst of the crazy

164.  Classical Conversation and beginning the Homeschooling journey  (and having friends alongside me as we begin!!)

165.  A fun birthday party for my big four year old, and friends who celebrated with us

166.  So many gifts from friends and family.  I will say it again and again and again, it has been overwhelming to the point of tears. I went to Publix last night, using a gift card from friends, and thanks to sales, the gift card should last us for two weeks worth of groceries.  I have story after story after story of ways that friends and family have come alongside us over the past year.  Chili's for lunch yesterday, thanks to a gift card, really, story after story.

167.  Work for Scott that will pay rent and put food on the table during this transition period.  So thankful for work!!

168.  Several interviews and job possibilities--hope.

169.  5.00 lamp shades at Target--marked down from 25.00.  Affordable ways to make the rental house feel cozy and like home.

170.  Spray paint--amazing what I can transform with spray paint (the lamp bases are next in line).

He is always sovereign.  He is always good.


Anonymous said...

I came here from Ann's. I love the old typewriter font and pencil drawing picture--ingenious!

He is faithful!

Ashley Turnbull said...

LB. I am so happy to hear all of this. Makes my day!

Tell me what all y'all "need" for the house. Gosh, I have a spare garage w/ some things that I just couldn't find a home for in this house. I would love to see if you might use anything. I love the idea of really making this place homey :-)

Furniture? Decorative? What?

Ashley Turnbull said...

Did that last comment take? Wasn't sure...if not:

Tell us what you need to make this place a real home. I have a spare garage of things that just didn't fit in this house. I would love to pass them on to you if they would work. Furniture? Decorative? Frames? What?

Mandi said...

Same as above... saw your link on AV's site :)
Beautiful blog and beautiful blessings! I think we are in a similar boat in life... praise God for his provisions along the way! HE really does provide all our needs - and sometimes, even our wants :)

Sarah Dawneé said...

Though I don't know you, I rejoice in God's faithful provisions for you and your family!!!
He is so very good.


Rachel said...

Love, love this idea too! It completely changes my negative attitude when I think about all God has blessed me with. I am praying for ya'll!!