Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween was a bit of an afterthought this year (as it also was last year).  I mean, it was not an afterthought for Ada, but it was for me.

I planned to trick-or-treat on the McDonough square because we can walk there from our house, and it sounded like fun to me.  However, I thought that was happening Saturday night, and it was actually happening Friday night.  So we missed that.

And I really wanted to "get it done" over the weekend, because Mondays are crazy enough without adding trick-or-treating into the mix.

So, thanks to a friend from church, I heard about a trunk-or-treat happening at a local church, and we decided to go for it.

I was bound and determined to get a picture of the kids in their costumes.  The problem with Ada is she kept wanting to do "Cinderella poses," which looked a lot like ballet to me.  And John just wanted to go inside, take off his costume, and go to bed, so pictures were the last thing on his mind.

But, finally, pictures were taken, carseats were loaded, and we were off.

The trunk-or-treat got the job done, I suppose.  There was a long line that was not moving when we got there, so Scott went in search of someone to figure out what was going on, but he never really got much info. Finally, though, we were moving, but even then, the line was so long, it took us forever to get to the first "trunk."  In the mean time, Ada is freezing cold, so I took off my sweatshirt to wrap around her, and John was fussy from the get-go, so you can imagine the scene, right?

However, once the candy started flowing, all was right in the world.  We even let John break into his candy right away just to appease his emotions, and Ada, despite her shivering lips, was loving it.  She even wanted to make a bracelet and jump in the bouncy house after the actual "trunk-or-treating," and we had to make her leave when it was time because her little hands and cheeks were frozen.  She kept insisting that she wanted to stay.

So...another Halloween done.

By the way, Ada's costume was an absolute last minute decision.  Until about ten minutes before walking out the door, she had planned to be Rapunzel (for weeks she had planned this), but all of a sudden she announced that she was going to be Cinderella, so Cinderella it was (luckily we had lots of options in the dress up box).


Jessica said...

so cute!!!

Mary said...

I love their costumes. I too, am always happy to get another Halloween"done" mostly because of the mixed feelings and being torn about whether to participate in certain has made the whole thing one holiday that I wish would just go away!! I know, I am grinchy. (But my kids certainly don't feel that way!)

Jess said...

Love the costumes!!!