Tuesday, November 8, 2011


it's my usual "check-in" to say how much I wish I was blogging more, but I'm not....

Ahhh...that's me groaning...I keep saying it, but nothing is changing.

I can't even gather my thoughts to know what I want to say about the day-to-day.

Well...a big break is coming.  We have eight weeks off from CC for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We meet next week and then we are off, so that will provide me with some much needed "catch up" time.  I have also ordered a new reading curriculum with plans to begin after Christmas.  I am also about to order the manipulatives to go with the already purchased math curriculum so that I can also begin that after Christmas.  I will be back soon with more curriculum info.  I love hearing what other homeschoolers are using, so I will throw my choices into the conversation.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, I am also more certain that classical education is what is absolutely right for our family.  Two Saturdays ago, I attended a CC practicum which was incredibly encouraging as I was reminded why I am doing what I am doing.  I want Ada to learn how to learn; that is the goal.  Well, the main goal, as CC says, is to know God and make him known--and I believe that by "training Ada's mind well" she will be better equipped to know Him and make Him known!!

So...that is the education update.  It's still hard--maybe it always will be?--but more than ever I believe in what I am doing.  I believe this is God's will for me.  For Ada.  For the Moores.

As for the other kiddo--my little stinker, John-John.  He is as much a stinker as always, but his vocabulary is growing rapidly.  He is always telling me something; it's just that a lot of the times I can't understand what he is saying.  But the words that I can understand multiply everyday.  When he is in a good mood, he is so funny. And when he is in a bad mood, he is still my little cutie (though it drains me a bit.  A lot.).  He is loving all things trains, cars, anything with wheels combined with a ramp.  I have visions of a train birthday party for the big two years in February.  (Though I really don't do "big" second birthdays, but still, a train theme).

Christmas is coming...quickly.

The decorations are up around town, and I sort of love it.  I LOVE Christmas.  Do you?  I want to pray that I don't become bombarded with the pressure to make it "just so" for the kiddos, and instead just enjoy the season celebrating the birth of Christ.  I read a wonderful book during Christmas last year that helped me maintain perspective.  I will link to that with the curriculum post.  It's worth passing along.

And on that note, I am slightly obssessed with this blog post by Nancy Wilson's daughter over at the Desiring God blog.  I need to read it all the time to be reminded of how what I am doing right here in the home is my mission field, so, on the off chance, that someone else needs that reminder (are you also bogged down in the everyday?  Losing sight of the big picture?), read this post.  It's so very encouraging.  I actually have never read anything by her that wasn't encouraging.

Okay, so what you have here is me throwing all of my rambling thoughts onto paper and hitting the publish button.  I hope I made some sort of sense.


Katherine said...

You just don't know how encouraging I find your posts. I'm learning so much from you. For several reasons, I think that homeschooling will be right for our family as well. I'm not sure what that will look like yet, but I'm so glad to be in good company!

joy said...

Thank u that article from dg is timely!

Mary said...

I LOVE Christmas too!