Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conversations with Ada: The Gospel Version

Tonight as we were going through the bed time routine, in between stories and prayers, Ada and I some how began talking about the gospel.  I can't remember the context exactly, I think she was asking if God hears everything, even when she disobeys.  And I jumped on that b/c I was sensing a guilty conscious, and I tried to explain in four year old terms what it means for God to be merciful to us.  So, anyway, this is the part of the conversation that I had to write down for the record books...

Mom:  (after explaining that mercy means, we don't get what we deserve)  and what do we deserve?

Ada:  to die

Mom:  yes, but we don't have to; why?

Ada:  because Jesus died for us so we wouldn't feel the hurt and because there weren't enough crosses.

Mom:  what do you mean?

Ada:  there weren't enough crosses for everybody

Mom:  well, that's not really why Jesus died instead of us

Ada:  but, mom, there were only three crosses, that is not enough

And I began to go back over the gospel for the five millionth time ;)

 At Marshall's today.  John saw that hat on Ada and immediately began saying over and over, "I do, I do, I do"  And Ada said, in all seriousness, "look mom, I'm a cow girl." 

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Lindsay said...

so hilarious and cute!