Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Long but Productive Day and the Big Sibling Class.

We are at the end of a long, but good and satisfying, Saturday.

We made a rare trip "into the city," to visit TJ Maxx's Home Goods in Smyrna.  I was on the hunt for a lamp for Evie's room and a few wall d├ęcor type items for the living room.  Because I am slightly overwhelmed with getting my house "decorated," I am trying to focus on one room at a time.  The living room is the current room I am focusing on.  This means that my living room is almost "complete," but the walls in my dining room are completely blank.  And they will probably stay that way for a good long while.  I am also trying to finish up Evie's room, so that is a bonus room added to the mix.  Just last week her bumper pad and crib skirt arrived in the mail.  There are also several piles of things that need to be sorted through and hung on the walls--mostly things that were on the walls around Ada's bed but are being passed on to little Evie (or big Evie as Ada calls her).  One thing at a thing at a time...  And can I just say that I wanted to buy every single thing I saw in Home Goods.  Totally worth a 30 minute drive when I need something for the house!!

While in Smyrna, we stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch, which happens to be attached to Cumberland Mall.  Since we were right there, I made a quick run into H & M to look at the baby and children's clothes, while Scott sat with Ada and John at the indoor play area.  I had no luck there, but I ran into Crazy 8 on my way to meet Scott, and I stumbled upon a serious sale.  Score.  I got a GREAT deal on leggings and jeans for Ada, because she keeps holes in the knees of her leggings, so I constantly have to replace them--plus, she is growing like crazy, and definitely needed the next size up for fall.  Anyway, it was a fun, but LONG day, and I am now sitting on the couch, drinking water, with my feet propped up, trying to stop the Braxton hicks contractions and swelling in my ankles ;)  My body is screaming at me that I overdid it.  And, it's true, I waddled myself all over the place today, but I checked a lot of things off my list, and all at great prices.  So, it's worth a few contractions and a swollen ankle or two.

And now for the real reason I am typing--to get it in the record book that Ada and John are officially prepared to be big siblings ;)  This past Thursday night we attended the big sibling class and hospital tour at the hospital where I will be delivering.  I chose a new to me doctor and hospital this time around so that I would be closer to home.  It has made things so much easier so far, but it does make me feel like a first time mom when it comes to knowing much about the hospital. 

Ada was super excited about the class, and John, as usual, was just along for the ride.  They both seemed to like it, and we even got to see a precious newborn boy in the baby nursery, which everyone agreed was the highlight of the night.  And I feel more prepared as far as knowing where to go when it is finally to time to "do this thing."  Here are the pictures.  They pretty much speak for themselves.

 checking out one of the mother/baby rooms at the hospital--where I will stay after labor and delivery.

 Ada, unprompted, swaddling her baby after changing its diaper.
 Giving John some diapering advice.

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