Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am in those last weeks of pregnancy, the in between phase, the I'm done but there are four weeks to go phase.  I shuffle and waddle from here to there, in some constant state of contraction or shooting ligament pain or desperate need to get to the bathroom as Evie kicks on my bladder.  You know these weeks.  The baby is huge and out of room, but needs a bit more time to fatten up (or in Evie's case, grow into a toddler ;) ), and my five foot frame is done, over it, and I would gladly drive to the hospital and say, "get this baby out," but I know that's not in the cards, so on we go.  I am thankful for a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy, and that the finish line is in sight.   My kids are also over it.  John has suctioned himself to my legs, my side, and if he can possibly finagle it, my arms.  He wants me in his line of vision at all times; no one else will do; and between him and "big" Evie, I am feeling  a bit claustrophobic.  I assume he senses that big changes are on the horizon.  Or maybe he wants his normal mom back.  The non-giant mom who can easily walk and run and get around and bend down and do things.  He's probably feeling a bit of what I am feeling. 

But I keep attempting to do normal things in hopes that it will make life seem stable for the kids as we all brace ourselves for the shift that is coming.  The inevitable growing pains that accompany adding another member to the family.

For example, this past weekend Scott's parents were in town.  Which was a huge help.  Scott's mom entertained Ada and John and washed dishes and helped me in all sorts of ways.  But we also took a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  It's fall after all, and for one six year old and three year old, fall traditions must go on no matter what state my body is in.  So, I waddled and shuffled myself around Southern Belle Farms and "got the thing done."  It was a good and fun day, though hot.  I always picture this dreamy fall day with breezes and boots and cider.  Ha.  It was more like guzzling water and sweating buckets and sun burned cheeks.  But I hear promises of fall-like weather headed our way?  Maybe?

A few pictures.  There wasn't enough time or energy to do all that was offered.  But Ada and John loved it.  Ada is all about building up some excitement for an event, and the pumpkin patch was no exception.  And by pumpkin patch, I mean farm with lots of fallish activities.  We actually bought our pumpkins at Home Depot.  At our "pumpkin patch," the price of admission (HIGH price of admission, in my humble opinion) does not include a pumpkin. 

 In typical John fashion, he was super intense about this rubber duck race "thing" (?).  I mean, intense.  And he absolutely did not want my help, no matter how hard he had to pump that red handle.  In the mean time, in her typical fashion, Ada was flitting around from activity to activity, while we waited for John to be convinced to walk away from his obsession.

*I had more pictures than this, but I am having trouble downloading and time is passing.  This now happened two weekends ago, so I am posting.  And the fall weather is here--yay!! 

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