Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I am posting twice in one morning.  What?!  I am facing an entire day AT HOME--praise the Lord, so I have time to lounge around a bit more this morning.  Plus, the kids woke up about an hour earlier than normal, but they slept ALL NIGHT in their own beds--again, praise the Lord--so there is just more time this morning, and I am taking advantage before I start on my list of to-dos.

I thought I would post a quick pregnancy update for the record books.  This is, after all, serving as Evie's baby book.  (and John's, by the way).

I went to my specialist for the last time this past Monday.  Or what I thought was for the last time.  The really great news, the most notable news of all, is that Evie's kidneys are just fine!!!!  I was seeing the specialist because her kidneys had been slightly enlarged at her 20ish week ultrasound, and they had continued to be slightly enlarged at each specialist appointment after that, but this week they were NORMAL.  Hallelujah, thank you, Lord!!!  That was the best case scenario, that it would just work itself out and that would be that.  I am so thankful that it is now a non-issue. 

What is also notable, however, is that based on the specialist ultrasound, at 35 weeks pregnant, Evie weighs 7 lbs 14 oz-- bigger than either Ada or John were at birth!!  Yikes.  I asked the specialist how accurate that is, and he said it can be up to 10% off, so maybe only 7 ish lbs at 35 weeks, or, possibly, already over 8 lbs at 35 weeks pregnant.  He also pointed out that my fundal height measurements (sp?) are consistent with her weighing that much.  As in, at 35 weeks, instead of measuring 35, I measure 39.  Again, in previous pregnancies, I have always measured right on target.  And I am consistently measuring several weeks ahead at each appointment.  So...the doctors are somewhat concerned about how big she will be if I actually made it all the way to my due date.  The word C-section is being thrown out there.  I KNOW that there are a million opinions about that, but it is just out there right now, no decisions have been made.  The specialist actually wants to see me in three weeks to check her weight.  It helps that I am seeing a regular OB and a specialist, so this is all based on two separate doctors--two separate practices--two separate opinions.  But the opinions are consistent--it all matches up.

Here is what I am praying, that I would go into labor early.  As in really early.  I have to decide about a C-section at 38 weeks, so if I went into labor at 37 weeks, it wouldn't even be an issue ;)  I know that most people don't go into labor at 37 weeks; really, I know that.  But she is big, and I am feeling her largeness.  And I had both Ada and John at 39 weeks, so it's not so crazy.  She is head down right now; in position.  At the ultrasound, the ultrasound tech showed me how she is going through the motions of breathing, which babies do at the end to get their lungs ready for breathing, and the ultrasound tech said that is a good sign. 

Of course, mostly I am praying for a healthy baby and a healthy me ;)  And the doctors keep reminding me that Evie is so healthy.  She is just big.  And of course I don't want a C-section, but I am okay with it if it comes to that.  I have known for several weeks now that it is a possibility, so it's not new information for me.  I have had time to process and pray about it and prepare myself.  But, in my ideal world, I would just go into labor.  My body would "do its thing," and I would get this baby out.  It's what I am praying for, anyway.


Katherine said...

LB, I am praying for you as I type and when I think about you throughout the day. Thank you for the update.

Amber said...

C-sections are amazing!!! Or at least mine was. Most people just tell you horror stories about them, so I wanted to throw out my fabulous experience with it. Praying for a healthy delivery and recovery no matter how Evie arrives.

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

praying she comes early!!