Sunday, November 10, 2013

Evie's Room

Tomorrow is my final ultrasound with the specialist.  I can't wait to see what she weighs--woo-hoo for being so near the end!  My body is over it!!!  38 weeks tomorrow.

We put the finishing touches on Evie's room this weekend.  I actually have two framed pictures of my grandmother to hang in her room, but my mom will bring those when she comes for the birth, so that will be the actual finishing touches.  I assume that the bedroom will be Evie's for at least two years before we switch her with John, so I've got time ;)

Here are a few pictures.

okay, in an ideal world, almost every drawer that you see in this room would have cute knobs.  I haven't gotten around to that.  Again, we'll call it a work in progress.  Plus, the chest of drawers, rocking chair, and cabinet that you will see could all use a fresh coat of paint/distressing, but it is what it is.  Maybe it will get done on the other side of very pregnant/newborn sleeplessness.  We'll see. 

Here we have the crib I found on craigslist, and her bedding that I ordered from amazon using birthday gift cards.  The chest of drawers started off with my parents and then went with me to college.  It's seen a lot of miles.  The wooden basket was a gift from my best friend, Amy, when I was pregnant with Ada.  Both lamps were purchased from Home Goods, my only real purchase in the room other than the crib. 

Oh, I did purchase the initial sticker hanging over her crib.  I "stalked" (do ya'll know about this daily deal site?  I love it!!) until I found what I was looking for.  So I got that for super cheap.

 The iron bed was my bed when I was little, and my parents graciously passed it on to us when we got married.  It has served as both Ada's bed and the master bed, but it will now serve as the guest bed.  I hope to one day purchase a similar iron bed before Ada and Evie are sharing a room, so that they can
each have one in a shared girl's room.  That is my "vision," anyway.  The bedding on that bed is straight from our old master bedroom.  As is the night stand.  The rocking chair came from Scott's parents, and we used it in Ada's nursery.  The curtains were hanging in the living room of our last
house.  All of the art work started out in Ada's nursery.  And the white cabinet came from Scott's parents, and it was originally in Ada's bedroom in our first house.

We did not paint the walls, because it is, after all, a rental, and we weren't ready to make that commitment.  I also tried to get a better picture of her bedding here, but basically it's white with gray trim, and the crib skirt has small gray polka dots.

 you can't really see it, but hanging above those drawers is a cute little framed print of Evie's name that I received at a shower this past weekend.

yay, yay, yay for diapers from the baby shower!!  I felt very loved and thankful this past weekend as friends gathered to celebrate Evie's birth.  And beside the rocking chair is another baby gift from a dear friend--a new gray and white diaper bag.  I can't help it, I really like gray and white together ;)

I am especially thankful for this room because when we found out that I was pregnant with Evie, we were prepared to squeeze her into the last rental house with no real space to call her own.  I mean, I wasn't even sure how she was going to fit into the master bedroom with us.  So, I was overwhelmed by God's provision last night when I sat in that rocking chair and looked around at her very own room. 

I was also taken back to sitting in that same rocking chair in our Vinings apartment as I waited for Ada's arrival.  It seems just yesterday that we were newlyweds, barely past our one year anniversary, waiting on Ada.  Now we are waiting on child number three.  I am sure it is hormones from the pregnancy, but I felt a bit emotional as I thought about the fact that it's been SIX YEARS since we were waiting on Ada. So, so, so cliché, but where did the time go?!!!  How did we get here?!!!

As tired as I feel, as stretched thin as my body feels, I also feel so thankful that I am doing this again.  Waiting to meet my child.  There is nothing like it.  The anticipation, the necessity to trust the Lord with every detail, the imagining what it will all be like.  One day, this season will be over, and I want to soak it in. 

And I'll post the pictures of my grandmother that will also go in the room.  As I already mentioned in a previous post, Evie's full name is Evelyn Edith after my maternal grandmother, Edith.  I asked my mom for a couple of pictures of my grandmother, Edith, as a young mom, and my mom went a step further and had the photographs framed.  They will be my absolute favorite part of the nursery, as they will remind me of the generations before--that there is purpose in what I am doing--it's not just about me, or even just about Evie, it's about generation after generation.  Lord, give me grace to do this thing you have called me to do!!  Give me eyes for the eternal!!

 Above, Grandmother with my mom and Mary Ann, my mom's sister, whom I am super close to.
And my grandmother with my mom. 

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