Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Okay, these pictures are not in order, but I am just going with it because I am doing good to get them on here in the first place.  And then I will feel caught up on what has been going on in the day-to-day of our life. 

Here we have a mixture of Halloween and a quick weekend trip to Scottsboro.  I was excited about Halloween this year because I thought we were finally in a trick-or-treating type of neighborhood.  Wrong.  We were the only trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, and as a result, there was a very small handful of houses that were even handing out candy.  It's a perfect neighborhood for trick or treating, but I guess these days it's all about the fall festival.  I just didn't have a big fall festival in me.  As it was, walking around our neighborhood wasn't the easiest thing in the world.  But we trick-or-treated, and it was great to meet the handful of neighbors that we did meet.  Many of them knew exactly which house we were because they all said they had seen our children playing outside.  It's the hugest blessing in this house, my children play outside by themselves all the time, and I am so thankful.  John is eating better as a result (so much more exercise!!), and I think it helps them to go to bed easier.  I mean, it's just so good for kids to be outside, right?!!!
so far, our Halloween costumes consist of digging through the dress up box.  Well, I did purchase John's costume on clearance at Old Navy, but in a size too big, so that it can be worn for a couple of more years.  I like the friendliness of trick-or-treating, but I am just not going to go all out for Halloween.  I am sure at some point my kids will have stronger opinions about what they want to be, but so far they have never argued with my, "look in the dress up box," philosophy.  Ada did change her mind about seven times, but we finally settled on a ballerina/fairy?  Her main requests were a high bun and make up--done and done.

 John would not cooperate for pictures.  I kept saying, "don't you want to stand by Ada?"  he did not.
 the night before Halloween, we carved a pumpkin for the first time.  I called Scott on his way home from work and said, "guess what, Ada is counting on carving a pumpkin."  So, he did a quick run by Home Depot, and we fit in a pumpkin carving.  Our hearts weren't totally in it, but Ada loved it, as she tends to love these kinds of ritual type things, and I even roasted the pumpkin seeds, which were yummy.
 posing in scary poses (I guess?) with our half-hearted jack-o-lantern

 this is just a random picture that has already been on facebook and instagram, as have most of these, but it's such a snap shot of John's life right now.  He is so the little brother who just follows Ada's lead in their daily playing.  She wanted to play Wizard of Oz, and he was the lion, naturally ;), and if Ada was wearing high heels, shouldn't he?  Bless him.  He is such a little boy, but he is also such a little brother to a big sister.
 my one and only picture from our quick trip to Scottsboro.  My sister Kate was home from New York, and I never see her, so we did a quick weekend trip.  Here Ada and Abigail are having some strawberry milk before bed one night.  Plus, nothing beats north Alabama in the fall.  That drive home through Mentone, AL is so beautiful.  I always like to try to squeeze in an October trip home just so I can see the colors.  My part of Georgia just can't compete.

and finally, John in character.  There was a question on facebook about whether this was John having a meltdown or what.  This is actually John's monster face, which is hard to distinguish from John's meltdown face.  Both are a bit "monster-like." ;)  And there you go, October happenings.

Next big event--the newest member of our family coming very soon.  I am having a several strong contractions but nothing that will settle into any type of pattern, and this could easily go on for three weeks, so praying something happens soon.  Monday is the final ultrasound to check her size, and that means decision time.  Yikes.  Come on, Evie, just come on out. 

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