Monday, November 4, 2013

Night With Ada

The other day, Ada reminded me that way back during first trimester, when I was barely functioning because I felt so sick all the time, I promised her that when I felt better, we would have a special day together.

The problem was, though I certainly feel better than I did back then, I never had a moment this pregnancy where I felt good, so we kept waiting...and now we are two plus weeks away from the big day.

It was time to just bite the bullet and have a day with Ada.  (which actually turned into evening with Ada instead of day).

It was so cute, because naive me was picturing us running to Target together because I had to run some errands, and we would leave John at home with Scott.  However, when Ada walked into my room dressed in one of her church dresses, I realized that she had a different vision for this night.  I did manage to tone down her outfit, but she still insisted that we "eat somewhere fancy, not McDonalds or Burger King or anything," and she specifically wanted me to say, "table for two, please."  She way outdressed me that night.  I am to the point of putting on whatever will still cover my stomach.  I am horrified that my stomach will be showing in public and I not know it.  My options are very limited.  So, I had on my favorite yoga pants and flip flops, and Ada had on a (less fancy) church outfit. 

It really did end up being such a special night.  We ended up at a Mexican restaurant, and she talked non-stop.  It so nice to be able to focus just on her, and she was on her best behavior because she was feeling so grown up.  We followed dinner with a trip to Target and finally a run through the Starbucks drive through.  I was so exhausted at that point, but it was oh so worth it.  As we were finally headed home she said, "this night was not what I expected, it was even better than what I expected."  It broke my heart a little bit because it was so clear that I need to do things like that more often.  Who knew it would mean so much to her.  My precious first born. 

A few pictures, which John insisted on being a part of.  I am so very pregnant, but why refuse to be in pictures because this is how we will remember this time.  I really am that big, and my children really don't care if I am huge, so I take the pictures anyway, to remember these last days before we add another member to this family.


Elizabeth said...

Everyone looks adorable in these pictures. Like Mary Ann said to me, tears came to my eyes. So precious. Love, love that she wanted to "go somewhere fancy". That's my girl. I love that she already aspires to the finer things. Let's tweak our lives a bit, clean them up, dress up, get out of the casual. It was all priceless, what you told about. Love John's poses also. :-)

Jessica said...

loved this. you're a great mom.