Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sadly, I can't sleep

As Scott mentioned in his most recent post, I am an avid follower of NBC's The Biggest Loser. I love anything having to do with diet and exercise, and I also love any and all makeover shows, so the Biggest Loser combines two of my favorite things into a night of television perfection. I eagerly anticipate the new episode all day every Tuesday--oh the exciting life that I lead.

Well, the start of the new season clashed with the Sugar Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl won out, so I had to hold my excitement for one more day (DVR is a wonderful thing that is contributing to this family's laziness). About an hour into the two hour show, I found myself fighting sleep and sleep quickly won out. I blame this on Ada's new habit of NOT sleeping through the night. I feel like we take one step forward, then two steps back in that area, but more on that later. So there I sat in all my excitement, sleeping through The Biggest Loser. I woke up two hours later, realizing that I had missed the show, decided to watch it tomorrow, and headed to bed, anticipating a wonderful night of sleep because it was only 8:30 at the time. Sadly enough, as soon as I left the couch and got into bed, I was wide awake, so here I sit at 11:30 pm drinking decaf coffee and blogging. This is a very disappointing thing on many levels.

At about three weeks of age, Ada was already sleeping for five hours at a time at night, and I thought that we had mastered the art of parenting thanks to the book, Babywise. However, at 5 months of age, we seem to be moving backwards in our quest towards the glorious twelve hours a night that I have heard so many other mothers talk about. I thought switching to formula and solid food would solve this problem, but so far we are still waking up at 4 am to a screaming baby, and I am longing for a time when we will all sleep to 6 or 7 am again. For about three weeks during Ada's third or fourth month, she was sleeping ten hours, and life was good, but something changed over Christmas break, and she seems to be stuck. If there are any mothers out there who happen to be reading this blog, I welcome any and all suggestions.

In addition to Ada waking up earlier and earlier, I seem to be staying up later and later. Every night Scott and I say to one another, "let's go to bed by ten tonight," and every night ten comes and goes and we are still wide awake, though much of this can be blamed on all the football watching that comes with the new year. Heaven forbid we miss a game when football is about to be over until Fall of 2008--even at the cost of sleep and sanity.

And that is today's Ada update. We are both lacking in sleep, and I am out of solutions. Please help me if you can.


Scott said...

"Heaven forbid we miss a game when football is about to be over until Fall of 2008" - one of the many reasons I love you so.

jane said...

lb -- don't feel guilty about the formula... you fought hard to breast feed as long as you did... she got a great start! it so easy as a parent to feel guilty about just about EVERY thing!! let's not be put in that bondage!

McCrory Family said...

Hey Laura Beth!! Ada is adorable!! In a book I read, "Healthy sleep habits, happy child", the author mentioned a child programing themselves (weird, I know) to wake up earlier and earlier because they want to have fun and play with mom and dad. The book suggests not getting baby out of bed until 6am - We caught Claire in this pattern and had to bite the bullet and leave her in the bed as she fussed (or screamed). We would go in and check on her and comfort her but not take her out of the crib. After a few weeks she got the picture that 4 am is not play time and we are now sleeping until 6 or 7am!! Hang in there!!! :)

LB said...

Jane--you are so right. IDaily I could find a million things to be guilty about, and there is no point in wasting my time on that!!

Lindsay--thanks so much for the tips!! Keep them coming. Jane actually just let me borrow that book, so we are going to give it a try. So, when I hear Ada at 4 am, should I go in there, but just not get her up? Will this break the habit? The past two mornings I haven't fed her, just checked on her. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ignore her all together, but I just don't think I can do that.

jane said...

i tried the ignore thing once... but i don't think it did ANY good. we eventually went in and by then he was sooo worked up. the whole ordeal was over an hour. but who knows each baby has its own personality... as well as each parent. we keep it completely dark and don't talk... most of the time.(but not last night was awful! teething sucks!)