Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting over with the blog

With the start of the new year comes a change in the blog. Last night, Scott and I came to the conclusion that the blog is becoming less and less about Ada and more and more about whatever he feels like typing that day. Since I am the mother, and the one who spends 24-7 with Ada, we have decided to create a new blog just for me where I will post updates about Ada and share thoughts on motherhood, and Scott will continue his blog with his own perspectives on life. So, welcome to my blog--Ada updates 2.

I chose the quote above from a Sara Grove's song because it seems to express my exact thoughts on being Ada's mother. As I get to know Ada more and more everyday, I truly feel overwhelmed with gratefulness for her little life and all that she adds to this family. At the same time, being her mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am tired, lonely, and inadequate, and therefore, I spend much time in brokenness before the Lord, surrendering once again after realizing that I am so incapable of performing this job that he has given me. Just as he has promised over and over, daily God provides the grace that I need to not only perform the tasks that I have for the day, but to truly embrace this new role with excitement and eagerness for the day ahead. No matter how tired I am at night, I am so excited to see Ada's sweet face every morning. This was certainly not what I thought I wanted, but I will be eternally grateful that this was God's plan--He has blessed me beyond belief!!

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