Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Morning, Happy New Week

Happy Monday morning, everyone.

I feel like every Monday holds so much promise.  This is the week that Ada will obey...I'll get a laundry plan in place...John will sleep through the night (or longer than three hours at a time)...I will run more than once in a week...and the list could go on and on and on.

Who knows if any of those things will happen, but Mondays have more possibility than, say, Thursday.  (Though Thursday hints at the weekend, so it wins).

So what are the big plans for this week...the promise that this Monday holds?

Well, first things first, the kitchen must be cleaned and made ready for another day of meals.

The bed must be made.

The laundry must be folded and cycled in and out of the washing machine and dryer.

And then there are the bathrooms.

And after those things get done, we are headed to the pool.  Great news for Ada, and terrible news for John.  I am praying that he will sleep in his stroller in the shade. 

The other thing on my mind this morning--feeding my family real food.  Food that provides the most, nutritionally speaking.  I am in the information gathering stage, and I am tempted to spend all day and night reading and re-reading this website.  Check it out.  I can't stop reading and thinking and contemplating and praying over some of the ideas.

But...for now, I will do small steps.  I need to get my beans slow cooking on the stove so that they will be ready for dinner tonight.  (First I soaked them for 24 hours.)  Baby steps, as she says.

Happy, happy Monday and happy new week.


Lauren said...

Hope your Monday is going great!! We got off to a good start. The kids got up a little earlier than expected but we are still getting things done. We are trying to take the paci away from Olivia this week and only allow it at bedtime. It is going well so far but we shall see... :-) I'm also trying to cut out some of our TV time. We only watch DVD's (no cable) but even that is beginning to take over. What are some things you have done with Ada to substitute TV?? Have fun swimming!!

rhodes1 said...

Have you noticed that every picture of Ada and John together, it looks like Ada is choking John. So funny.