Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John Thomas...an update

Still no pictures.

A friend of Scott's from work came by Monday to try to fix the wireless internet, but no such luck.  I am not sure what the next step in the process is.  Until then, I suppose I will blog without pictures. 

No fun.

Anyway...John is just growing like crazy, and I feel the need to update for my own records and for the few of you who might be interested.

As I already mentioned, he continues to nurse all of the time.  Nursing was the main thing I prayed about during this pregnancy (along with his health, of course), so I am very thankful that God chose to say YES to that prayer.  Thank you, Lord.  He has settled into a good, every three hour schedule during the day, which took a while.  I thought he was going to nurse every two hours forever.  He is beginning to go longer stretches at night, doing six hours about every other night.  He goes down great.  I lay him down on his tummy, put his little blankie in his hand, and walk out of the room.  I rarely hear from him after that until it is time for his next feeding.  Because he wakes up so much at night, he still sleeps in the pack-n-play in the master bedroom closet.  When his nights become a bit more consistent, I will move him down the hall to his room, but for now it is much easier to walk into the closet and bring him back to my bed to eat.

The past couple of weeks he has become a happier baby.  He smiles a lot and is beginning to "talk" quite a bit when he is most content.  He always responds to our talking with his own little sounds.  Just this week he has discovered his feet, and he is loving playing with them.  He also likes his bouncy seat for limited amounts of time.  He continues to be happiest when he is cuddled up next to me, though.  He can now reach out and grab things, and Ada thinks it is such fun to bring things to him to hold.  I have to keep my eye on that because whatever is in his hand ends up in his mouth.  He refuses to take a pacie (or a bottle), but he loves, loves, loves to chew on his fingers.  If he is not eating, he is chewing on his middle three fingers.

He is a big four month old, already wearing a size three diapers and 9 month clothes.  He is so chunky, and I love to squeeze those fat baby legs. 

Ada continues to love him, and is very hands on, which can be a problem at times.  I say, "be gentle," probably 100 times a day. 

He is my precious, precious boy.  He and Ada both make my life so very rich.  Hard and exhausting for sure, but oh so rich.


Margaret said...

I find myself saying, "be gentle," to Simms a lot too! She gets a sneaky look in her eyes! Cope is still in our room also b/c it is so much easier if he's right there when wanting to nurse! Yay for all the breastfeeding! Cope gets formula and nurses:-( just happy to make it past 10 weeks this time!

Elizabeth said...

Can't WAIT to see him - both of them. Driving me nuts!!! Near

Bethany said...

I'm sure he is getting so big!! When our wireless went down, I called the company (lynksys??) directly. I turned on the southern charm and voila! I had help. :) Granted I did give the company a $9.99 fee to 'take over' my computer and manually fix it for me. It was quite weird because you could see him moving my mouse and my computer opening up and such....but it was the BEST $9.99 I ever spent!!! You might want to call your wireless router and see what they can do for you. I could have done it for free with him but I am NOT techy and he said it would have been easier. It did take him about 70 minutes, but again...WORTH IT! :)