Friday, June 11, 2010

Same Old Story

No internet still.  I mean, I have internet, just not wireless, which means no way to post any new pictures to this blog.

John is crying right now, for no apparent reason.  He was sound asleep at 8:30, after eating for a good 20 minutes, but why not wake up an hour later and cry?  I love him so much, but he is so unpredictable compared to Ada.  I can't believe that at four months I am still struggling to get him on a schedule.  It's about to drive me crazy, but at the same time I am so thankful for all this milk and all this nursing.  Such a contradiction.

Anyway...just wanted to say hey.

I am worn out because we all, all four of us that is, tackled Kroger tonight, and the grocery list was long.  After eating out of the pantry for most of the week, I had lots to buy.  I didn't have to spend lots, though ;)  Thank you coupons.

By the way, the transition back into tutoring has gone surprisingly smoothly.  John has been very willing to eat right before I leave, so there has been no fear of him getting hungry while I am away, and my new student is shockingly well-behaved.  It makes for a very pleasant hour, and I just like anything having to do with education.  Tutoring not excluded.

And one more thing.  I finished Pride and Prejudice, and I too can't believe I had never read it.  Wow.  I am starting Sense and Sensibility now, only because the book is from the library, and it is three Austen novels in one.  Thanks for the suggestions, though.  Please keep them coming.  While a student and teacher, I spent much time on Shakespeare and Chaucer, and even the more ancient works such as Beowulf, but I never quite made it to Austen's era.  Though I love to study and to teach Shakespeare (particularly Macbeth), I must confess that Austen is much more enjoyable to read, so again, keep the suggestions coming.  I might have missed some of the best "reads" out there.


rhodes1 said...

I think Sense and Sensibility is my favorite. Probably just saying that because it's the one I've read most recently, but I did really love it. They're all wonderful.

Kate said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I have commented. You are always so real and honest, and I appreciate that! I struggled with Ellie's schedule for so long, and finally had to give up on how I wanted her schedule to be b/c she wasn't going by what I wanted. She also was one that would wake up for no apparent reasons during the night. At 5 months, I felt like we were back in the newborn stage b/c she was up every 2 - 3 hours... We are finally in a good routine at 7 months! Hang in there! You are a great Mom!

Kate Patterson Henderson

jane said...

oh.. i have to sigh thinking of p&p being over... i am such a re-reader- i may have to pick it up for the 3rd time this year (it has been a very austen year!)

and- i know people think i'm crazy, but i'm telling you "Wonder Weeks" ... brain development- that is why he is waking up 'for no reason' ... and "healthy sleep habits, happy child" says that you shouldn't expect to see routined sleep even starting until 4 months. we are on the other side of the one yr. mark and anna is doing a great 12 hours uninterupted, but she would have periods when she would be waking @ least once way past when i thought it was 'reasonable'... it was easier for me to just nurse her in the night, so that's usually what i did (unless i was just too tired to get up, and it was "easier" to put the pillow over my head ;-).... anyway--- i just want to say: it will happen... in spurts ;-)

rhodes1 said...

Well, what I'm thinking is just like short one to three sentence pieces to either incorporate into the piece or as the title/artist statement. If you were interested, you could do a lot, and if it worked with the piece, I could incorporate one, if not I wouldn't. However, if that's not your style, and it would be forced and uncreative for you, don't worry about it.