Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grumpy Baby

Dear John,

we need to talk.

You're nearing five months old, buddy.  What does this mean?
The fussiness has to go.
The waking up all night?  That's got to go too.
I was counting on a happier baby at six weeks.
Six weeks passed us by.
Then, I began to talk about three months.
That will do the trick, I said.
Three months passed us by.

Sweetie, as much as you would love it if I could just sit all day and hold you and cuddle you and feed you.
Let's face it; there are other things that I have to do.
Such as sleep.

I know this is bad news, but booger boo, it's growing up time.
It's time to smile for goodness sake.
I've got mouths to feed
other than yours, I mean.
Clothes to wash and beds to make
and other lives to shape
Yes, it's true.
Little Ada, needs me too.
It's best you learn it early.  It is, I'm sorry to say, not all about you.
think about what I've said.

I love you, booger boo, but please give me a tiny little break.

But really, I love you, my grumpy little baby


Sarah Garner said...

Look at his little blood vessels in his head pop! Oh LB I will pray for rest for you. And John. :) Your kiddos are awfully cute though.

Elizabeth said...

That is so adorable. awwwwwwww.

Little John whom I haven't gotten a feel for yet. Except when he was a newborn. He's practically grown. That's why he's bitter. He hasn't had any "Near" time. None!!!!

Aw. Be glad when ya'll are here.

Kate said...

Oh, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I remember during months 4 and 5 begging Ellie to sleep through the night! I promise when we hit the 6 month mark, she turned a corner and we've never looked back! We have been a great sleeper (10 - 12 hours per night) for almost 2 months now and she won the nap award at school last week. We were certain they had the wrong baby ;-) Hang in there!!!

Milla said...

oh.... that is so precious! How sweet, LB. How is Ada taking all his grumpiness?

Mary Ann said...

awwwwww. Bless his heart.