Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Still Here...

Good news--I found the camera.  I am so relieved about that one. 

I was sitting there last night, ready to fold a basket of laundry, and looking for the remote control.  I stuck my hand down into the couch cushions, thinking I would pull out the remote, and instead, out came the camera.  I was so excited!!  Thank you, Lord.

Also, something I haven't mentioned on the blog (I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned it), our downstairs air conditioning hasn't worked for several weeks now.  We have had someone out to look at it, and he couldn't figure it out, and we were discouraged that it was going to be really difficult to fix it.  Plus, we felt discouraged by the fact that the air conditioner is only two years old.  But...the same guy came back yesterday, and it was a very simple procedure that he overlooked the first time.  So...ta-da...we have air conditioning again.

I was in a great mood last night.

The only negative is that he had to cut the power for a minute to work on the air conditioner, and it messed up our wireless internet somehow.  I am able to use Scott's lap top at night, but I am still unable to post any pictures to the blog, leaving me very unmotivated to blog.

Other than that, things are moving along, same as always. 

I am still reading The Shaping of a Chrisitian Family, and I continue to be encouraged by it.  For fun, I am reading Pride and Prejudice for the very first time (can you believe it?!!!), and I can hardly put it down.  I read Wuthering Heights earlier in the summer, and it was such a dark story, that I had to force myself to finish it.  Not so with this one.  I am loving it.

Ada is still being her almost three year old self.  She is trying my patience every minute of every day, and I find myself having to ask her for forgiveness often.  We are really working on obedience, and it is one battle after another.  I am exhausted at the end of the day.

John is still eating around the clock, though I am letting him cry if he wakes up before the three hour mark.  I know that he could probably go longer without eating at night, but my milk supply is really flowing, and I want to keep it that way.  I think when we have a few more months under our belt, I will see if he can go for longer stretches at night.  For now, I am thankful for all of that wonderful breast milk that he is getting.

And I think that's it with us.  Hopefully in a few more days I can begin to blog with pictures again.  Until then...


Deanna said...

I am reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time too! I am absorbed...every free minute, I pick it up. I mentioned it in my post today, actually. Pretty funny. : )

Elizabeth said...

No pressure, but....don't you need a picture of John to be in your group up by the title? He's changing so much you'd have to put something new all the time - well, Ada, too. Oh well. MOM

Mary said...

HOW FUNNY! I also am reading P & P for the first time!

rhodes1 said...

No, I cannot believe that you are reading P&P for the first time! Have you read other Jane Austen? I am slightly confused, because your daily lit says that you finished it. What is that by the way?

jane said...

WHAT on EARTH are you talking about ! how were you an english major without having read these classics?!
i read p&p every year... this year almost twice and i have listened to it at least once through (my iphone has opened a world of possibilities as far as reading and listening to books anywhere)
persuasion is my all time favorite, so if you have missed that one you should definitely read it next!

Rebecca said...

Hey LB, I too can't believe you were an English major and missed Pride & Prejudice! It's such a charming book, I hope you're enjoying it. :)

BTW, have you read Jane Eyre yet? If not, you absolutely should put it next on your list! It's a little heavier than Austen (it's a Bronte book after all), but much more uplifting than Wuthering Heights, with a great mystery/love story that's told from the perspective of a Christian heroine. I think you would love it.

Also, if you like Jane Austen, you might like Edith Wharton.

Hope y'all are doing well!