Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Christmas Conversation with Ada

While she was in the kitchen with me, as I prepared lunch.

Ada (jumping around excitedly):  "Santa is coming to our house!!"

Me:  "Really?!!! Is Santa real or pretend?"

Ada:  "Real!!!" (obviously)

Me:  "Really?!!!  How does he get to our house?"

Ada:  "Well, he comes on Christmas and brings presents."

Me:  "Will you see him?"

Ada:  "No, I will be in my room, and he will say 'ha, ha, ha [rather than ho,ho,ho?], Merry Christmas, Ada" (she breaks into loud laughter, bending over and holding her stomach...)


We don't actually plan to "do Santa" (I know, party poopers we are), but apparently Caillou (her current favorite cartoon) has already poured much Santa knowledge into Ada's brain.

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