Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to the Doctor

We are drowning in life over here, just a little bit. 

I am about to load the kids up and head to the doctor yet again because John is battling his third round of what appears to be pink eye.  Aaagghhh...that is a frustrated groan in case you were wondering.

But, never fear, the other thing we did today was buy lots of fun Christmas cookie cutters at Kroger--100% impulse buy--but I am okay with that, and we are going to bake and decorate tomorrow and not let that stinkin' pink eye and three week long cold get to us.

Okay...that's all there is time for, but I wanted to "check in."


WallysMama said...

Thought you may enjoy reading this blog and this post in particular. Heather is a wonderful person and mother. Enjoy "stalking" your blog!

Ann said...

How frustrating!! So sorry you're still dealing with that.

Today we made rice krispie "scotchies"--the ones with peanut butter and butterscotch and chocolate on top. I forgot Ellie and Luke don't like desserts with peanut butter in them. So now I have an entire pan for Steven and me to eat.

Amy said...

Have the doctors given him Vigomax for the pink eye? That medicine has worded wonders for us in the past (warning- it is expensive!)