Friday, December 17, 2010


Here I am again, blogging.  I suppose I am in a blogging mood.  Or maybe, just maybe, there is a mountain high pile of laundry that needs to be folded, and I am avoiding it.  It's definitely one of those two things.

Here is what we are up to this morning.

Coffee with eggnog latte creamer.  This was a must when both of my children opted to wake up before it was light outside

As I drank my coffee and did "morning things" like the Today show and e-mail checking, Ada got busy playing church.  This is one of her favorite activities and usually involves her playing the drums in the band and singing made up songs.  It's hilarious.

 I also tried my hardest to occupy John so that he would leave Ada alone.  She loves John most of the time, but she hates it when he messes up her little "scenes" that she sets up.  It was all in vain because he knew exactly where Ada was, and he was determined to play with her.
 Look at her face.  She is saying, "Mom!!!!!  He's messing up church!!!"
Anyway, John is now down for his morning nap, and Ada has a new scene going.  I am not sure what this one is.

And I am making a master list of all that still needs to be done before the 25th.  Ada's shopping is done, but I now need to finish the extended family Christmas shopping.  And let's face it, making a list of Christmas gifts that still need to be purchased is much more fun than folding laundry.  Piles and piles and piles of laundry.

I need to say to myself over and over and over..."She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness," Proverbs 31:27.  Unfortunately, that verse includes laundry.


Mary Ann said...

I love this blog post. That eggnog latte creamer sounds so good. I don't think they sell that in Evergreen, but I'm gonna look.

The first picture of Ada that you posted, where she's playing church, reminds me a little of Ellie.

When are y'all going to S'boro, and how long will y'all be there?

Esther Bratton said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! It never fails to make me smile :) And I feel you on all the things that need to be done instead of computer time. The computer can be my worste enemy where a clean house is concerned!!...ok, well I've got more blogs to catch up on :)!!!!

Mary said...

I know I am late getting around to reading this, but I just had to say, I love how you are able to lay your posts out like a story! That is SO hilarious how the whole "John stalking Ada" scene plays out in your photos...too funny!!