Saturday, December 4, 2010

War Eagle

Woo-hoo, SEC CHAMPS!!  Now on to Arizona.

I was a bit sad for the game to be so nearby, and yet here I sat in my living room instead of in the stadium.  John was relieved to have me here, though, you know, in case he got hungry;)  (He did eat two whole things of baby food today and yesterday.  This is victory, and I will take it!!)

And, side note, Scott ordered two new phones for us tonight.  Some of you will not understand why this is a big deal, but some of you will understand, and might even chuckle.  Let's just say that I always joke with my friend Amy (totally joking, of course) that if I ever show up on her doorstep with my bags packed and tell her I am leaving Scott (JOKING), it will be over a cell phone.  Well, our marriage is safe, folks.  I have a new cell phone on the way (that should work much better than the one I have now), and better yet, Scott will have one.  Yes, it's true, Scott thought it would be a good idea to not have a cell phone at all.  I did not agree.  We have reached a compromise:)

Hopefully, hopefully (we shall see), my number will not change.  I will let you know if it does.  All five of you that call my cell phone on a regular basis;)

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Jessica said...

great! I'll be able to hear you now! :) GREAT NEWS that John ate his baby food...THREE big victories to celebrate in this post!