Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Day Spent Inside

It was freezing cold outside today, so we opted to stay inside by the warm fire. 

Please excuse my stocking that is turned the wrong way, and, again, all pictures are from the phone, so the quality is not so good.

Lately, I don't mind a day spent at home.  I used to become incredibly restless if we had no plans for the day, but not anymore.  Especially when the wind is making it feel 7 degrees outside.  No, thank you!!  In fact, I just left John in his footie pajamas so that he would be warm and toasty all day long.

This is little Ada below, asleep by the fire, her "my little pony" tucked in beside her.

Ada/Mommy explained that doll Ada gets to sleep in mommy's bed.  I think this was a hint on Ada's part because these days she is loving the chance to sleep in my bed with me.  She climbs in every morning, and in my sleepy state, I don't protest, as long as she will just let me go back to sleep for an hour or two!!

This is Ada and "mommy" (and you will be quickly corrected if you accidentally call "mommy," Ada!).  Ada is at the doctor, and apparently mommy fills the role of both doctor and mom.

 This is John playing with what is supposed to be his Christmas present.  Apparently Ada found the gift (a hand-me-down) and pulled it out for him to play with without me knowing it.  He loved it, so that's good to know.
 And this is John, setting the record straight.  "I am able to eat things other than milk!!  I hear mom is giving me a bad rap--something about texture therapy?"  It's true, John has started eating like a champ.  Scott and I joke that John must have heard us say texture therapy, and he thought, "fine, if you're going to make me go to therapy, I'll just eat."

Okay, I have a few Ada things to say, a few conversations to record.

First, as she was playing "mommy and Ada" as she calls it

Ada:  "Oh my gosh"

Me:  Ada, I really don't want you to say gosh. 

Ada:  But, I'm the mommy. 

touche', Ada, touche.'

And next conversation

we were in the car riding, and Ada was in the back seat drawing.

Ada:  Mom, this is a picture of Jesus walking to the cross.
Me: I love it, Ada!
Ada:  and this is God.
Me:  What is God doing?
Ada:  Obeying our sins on the cross.

I think the information got a little jumbled in her brain.

And now she is still playing "Ada/mommy", and she was just quickly rushing around the room.  I said, "Ada, what are you doing?"  and her answer, "Cleaning up for Ellie and Luke."


Lindsay said...

LB, I love when you do conversations with cute and hilarious!

Laura Forman said...

So, does John do okay with those wheels? I bought some for Jack to eat but he keeps getting choked on them so I have stopped giving them to him. I am so happy that John is doing better with eating!! :)

Mary Ann said...

This post is wonderful. Love the pictures, and all the things Ada is doing and saying. So glad that John is eating "food".

Mary Ann