Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Snap Shots

I don't have a real reason for blogging.  I just wanted to record a few snapshots of John-John and his funny self.  He is a stinker to the core, and Ada loves to bug him to death, as you can see in the second picture.  Those were taken Wednesday night in Perimeter's food court, after we finally left John's eye appointment (we were there for over four hours).  We had no idea the extent of the tornado damage, and we were actually just trying to hurry home before the weather headed our way.  That last picture is John's funny face that he likes to make.  He squints his eyes and purses his lips, and he thinks it is just hilarious, especially if I make the same face back at him.

By the way, thanks for the all the feed back on my "condition."  I was hoping for some fresh ideas.  (And, Amy, I can't bring myself to post pictures on the blog, but I would be willing to e-mail you some pictures.  Just send me your e-mail address).  I will talk to my Huntsville dermatologist tomorrow and will most likely be headed in a new direction with this thing.

Good-night, everyone!!

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