Monday, May 23, 2011

Thankful. #s 91-100.

"We deserve nothing from God but eternal judgement.  We are continuous debtors, not only for His sovereign mercy in saving us, but for every breath we draw, every bite of food we eat.  We have no rights before God.  Everything is of His grace,"  (Jerry Bridges from his Trusting God.)

91.  That the days end--they aren't endless-- every morning we can start over.  (I should say that during this season they aren't endless.  Days with a newborn are rather endless.  I am praying for grace for you mamas who are doing the all-night dance with your newborns.  Grace, grace, grace, and SLEEP!!)

92.  John with two clear eyes!!!

93.  Parents (my own and others) who have gone before me and pass on their wisdom.  Because, goodness gracious, I need guidance!!!

94.  Saturday night, after much crying, rocking, and spanking, Ada went to bed on her own!!!!  No lying down with her.  She really was a big, brave girl.

95.  LOTS of fresh pineapple and grapes from our food co-op.  Nothing beats frozen grapes in the summer.

96.  John eating and loving the fresh pineapple.  And then, today, strawberries.

97.  A kitchen so stocked that I didn't even have to go to the grocery store today.

98.  Chicken in the crockpot--an easy dinner that both of my kids loved!!

99.  Ada so excited about an afternoon to spend in the sprinkler and baby pool, that she insisted on wearing her bathing suit and sunglasses to Sunday lunch.

100.  The use of my sister's car while she is in China for the next several weeks.  Some time to make room in the budget to once again fix our "broken" car.

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