Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Praises, Praises!!

I cannot say enough about how well everything went today with John's tear duct probe, the "official" name of his surgery. 

It was one answered prayer after another.

At one point, when we had been on the road for 50 minutes but were only ten miles down the interstate and all routes to the hospital were blocked by wrecks, things were looking pretty grim.  Seriously, I was on the verge of tears at the thought of having to reschedule everything--the pre-op appointment, the three days of eye drops, care for Ada, Scott's day off of work, etc. etc. etc.  But after a few phone calls back and forth with Children's, the doctor said, "come on, it's not a problem," and I was RELIEVED!!!  THANK YOU, LORD!!!  At that point I had to immediately repent for a terrible attitude because I had been seriously questioning what the Lord was doing.  Yes, me of little faith, always.  (And had we had to reschedule, obviously it wouldn't have changed God's sovereignty and goodness in those details).

Anyway, John was a trooper throughout the entire procedure.  Not only was he not upset about no food or drink, he was in a surprisingly good mood.  Seriously, he thought it was a party.  He didn't even fuss when we were in stand still traffic.  God's doing?  I think so.  He loved the surgery center with all of it's fun toys.

in the waiting room when we first got there--party number one

And in our pre-op room, party number two.  This guy was living. it. up. 
This basketball goal was the biggest hit of all.  It has second birthday present written all over it!!

Everyone at Children's was WONDERFUL, to say the least.  They were all so conscientious (I think that's the word I am looking for).  From the specific toys in the waiting rooms to the lack of waiting, to their willingness to answer any and all questions.  I was IMPRESSED with how everything went. 

I have to say that John in that hospital gown was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He was so short in it.  So funny.

Do you see the mark above John's right eye?  Just to make sure they get the right one.  And his little hospital band around his ankle.  And do you see the bags under my eyes?  They've been there for, oh, about 3 1/2 years, and they aren't going away any time soon.

And here we are, post-op, when he was finally able to have something to drink and eat.  He scarfed down an entire bag of pretzels, and then he was begging for something else to eat. 

The only bad parts of the whole day were when I had to take John back to the operating room, and they put the mask on his little face to put him to sleep.  He was looking at me and crying so hard, and, of course, there was nothing I could do.  I felt a little emotional when it was time for me to leave the OR and the doctor (whom I LOVED) shook my hand and assured me that he would take good care of my John. 

The other bad part was when John was waking up.  He was a little bit hysterical, which they said was normal.  He was thrashing around and was a bit inconsolable.  The nurses asked me if he was a "breath-holder," and, of course, we said that he was.  They said, "we thought ya'll seemed really calm about his response to the anesthesia.  We assumed ya'll were used to this type of behavior."  Plus, he kept trying to hold his breath.  When the nurse was walking us out, she said, "bye-bye, you little breath-holder." 

Really, I am blown away by how well everything went.  THANK YOU, LORD!!!  Thank you, Children's.  Thank you!!!!


Lindsay said...

Was wondering how it went and praying it would go well, glad to hear it did!

Mary Ann said...

So glad everything went well, and the procedure is over. The pictures are wonderful. John is beyond cute in the hospital gown. Praise God for his mercies, and thank God for Children's Hospital.

Amanda said...

So thankful everything went well. Prayers were sent your way! I agree the hospital gown was adorable :)

Esther Bratton said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy everything went well!!!!!!!!

shannon said...

So glad everything went well! We got T the basketball goal for his 2nd birthday and he loved it. And I'm totally sporting the bags under the eyes look!! :-)

Rachel said...

What a praise!! So glad to hear you had a good experience and that John is doing so well! You have made me feel so much better about our surgery next month :)