Monday, May 16, 2011

Thankful. #s 81-90

Multitude on Mondays.

I love that title because, really, it is a multitude, isn't it?  A multitude of things that God is doing and giving and gracing right here in the everyday.

81.  Mom, safely here on a Sunday night, to watch miss Ada while John has his procedure done.

82.  Again, my mom, in a matter of minutes, straightening up my room, which has threatened to bury itself in a mountain of "stuff."  (as always!!)

83.  Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, so glad it's just a short drive away.

84.  A fridge stocked so full I can hardly shut the door.  The pantry is the same way.  

85.  My comfortable, warm bed that I get to climb into every night.  Think of those who don't have this.  Think of it.

86.  South Point PCA, our church.  We have found a home there.  

87.  The women in my discipleship group, who let me unload every Thursday night.  And then they kindly speak truth in the face of my junk.  It's life-changing in the simplest of ways.

88.  A day spent in Birmingham with college friends, talking motherhood and marriage and life after Auburn--celebrating a new life that is on the way.  (Amanda, I am stealing this picture off of your blog.  I hopes that's okay).
89.  A unexpected trip to Big Blue Bagel, right there in Birmingham.  Crazy, really.

90.  The strange pain in my arms, back, and neck--a side effect of the skin "condition"--is GONE.  The vitamins perhaps?  I am relieved, to say the least.

And we would greatly appreciate your prayers in the morning as we head into "the city" to have John's eye fixed.  (So excited to finally have it done).  The part I am dreading the most is a morning spent with a hungry, thirsty John.  It seems like torture to not be able to give him any food or drink.  And of course I pray that the surgery is completed with no complications and that it WORKS.  Please, Lord, don't let us be that 10% that has to have further work done.  It's never fun to have your child given anesthesia, but I am also thankful that he won't feel a thing.  I will be back with an update tomorrow afternoon.  Bless his heart, my little John-John.


Margaret said...

Prayers being said for John, and yalls family. Surgery is never easy. I specfically prayed for Cope during the time of his 2 ear surgeries, that the whole no food/drink thing would be no big deal, and it wasn't! Which was an answered prayer-cause he loves his milk! So I will pray for that also for John!

Jessica said...

praying for you guys and John...