Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thankful. #61-70. And some updates.

61.  A simple procedure to fix John's eye, scheduled for May 17th.
62.  In the mean time, eye drops to easily fix his 10 millionth case of pink eye.
63.  My house standing; my family safe.
64.  Power and warm showers.
65.  The book Trusting God.  The timing of my reading that book could not be more perfect.
66.  God's word, which is always true in the midst of my circumstances.
67.  John eating the strawberry-banana muffins that I made today.  We are making progress in the area of fruits and vegetables.
68.  John beginning to like lots of people other than me; it's giving me some breathing room.
69.  I have listed this before; can I list it again?  I am thankful for it again today-- Friends who carry my burdens.
70.  The homemade soap that my mom bought for my hurting skin.  It's so easy on my skin.

It's an ordinary week here at our house.  There is not much to report.  I continue to watch the videos of last week's tornadoes and to read the different stories.  I continue to be blown away by it all.  I also feel like I haven't gotten enough of the Royal Wedding.  Such a contrast, right?  And then there is the Osama Bin Laden news.  So much to think about and all such different ends of the spectrum. 

As for our family, as I mentioned above, John has pink eye--AGAIN, but that is to be expected until we finally get his tear duct unclogged.  I can't wait to see him with two clear eyes. 

My skin is not clearing up, so I will most likely be going to yet another doctor.  I am feeling quite discouraged with that whole situation because no one can figure out what is wrong with me, which means no one can figure out a solution, and it is becoming quite painful.  Not to provide too much information, but in case anyone has any insight--it is like my feet and hands are covered in broken blisters.  It starts out with a spot itching very badly, and when I scratch, the blister forms and breaks.  It covers my right foot--top and bottom and toes, though the bottom of my foot has now cleared up.  It also covers a lot of my fingers, the tops of my hands, and a few spots on the palm of my hands.  It's especially painful on my hands because, obviously, I use my hands for everything.  I have a few random spots on my legs and and arms.  I have been to a general doctor and a dermatologist here, and my childhood pediatrician and a dermatologist in Huntsville, and everyone is baffled.  All doctors have given me something to try, and the most recent solution has helped the most, but it's still spreading on my hands.  I thought my feet were clearing up, but today the spots have begun to form again.  The Huntsville dermatologist will most likely be referring me to a new doctor here.  So, that is a more detailed explanation of what is going on with that, in hopes that someone has some insight :)  Probably not, right?

Anyway, I really am so thankful that we are safe and sound.  I was not even a part of the tornadoes last week, other than one quick scare, and, still, I will be taking tornado warnings very seriously in the future.  Even the other night, I debated not waking Ada and John to get them into the closet--it will not be a debate next time.  I repeat, I can't stop watching the videos.  It's unreal. 


Lindsay said...

Have the dr's looked into dishydrotic eczema?

Stephanie said...

I was going to say eczema too...My hands and my daughters legs are like that. Chlorine has seemed to help hers...strange, but it worked! Hers gets so bad during the winter, but the first time we go swimming in the summer, it clears right up. If you are really desperate, you might try finding an indoor swimming pool, and take a swim. Who knows, but it works for her. My eventually clears up on it's own, but it so painful..I feel for you!

Margaret said...

My hands tend to get blisters from sanitizer and certain shampoos/soaps that contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) although I don't know about feet/legs unless it is in detergents or soaps you may be bathing in. Just a thought. And I would love your muffin recipie! It sounds so delicious and would love to try offering that to Cope in hopes of getting some fruit in him!

Susan said...

A friend of mine really struggled with a painful skin condition.. and while your story and hers have some differences.. maybe what helped her could help you? Here is her story:

Hope you get to feeling better!

Amy said...

Please post pictures of your skin condition (I should have been a nurse). I'm curious. I will show it to my aunt who is a natural doctor and see what she thinks.

The Noonan's said...

OK - random thought - has anyone looked into the sores being related to rhuematoid arthritis (an autoimmune response) It's a rare complication that would have other symtoms obviously but had that thought the other day and meant to tell you. Praying for answers soon.