Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hurry, hurry, hurry, Spring

May I please join the rest of the blogosphere in voicing my absolute need for Spring to arrive.  And arrive soon.

I cannot take anymore rain or cold.  Or snow, for that matter. 

I am dying to feel that warm sunshine on my face and shoulders, so when Ada asked if she could play outside today, I said, "yes mam, oh yes, you can!!!"

And lo and behold, John even cooperated.  He napped on the guest bed, while Ada and I played in the backyard.  (I left the door open so that I could hear him, should he wake up).  (on that note--I think we are working our way to the other side of these very hard newborn days.  If he can nap soundly on the bed, we are getting somewhere).

And when we began to get hungry, I decided a picnic on the back patio was in order.  Why go inside when the sun was shining?
Now, if you are wondering why Ada's cup is buckled into the highchair, then you need to know--it's her baby.  These days, everything is her baby.  No need to bring a doll outside, the sippy cup will do. 

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rhodes1 said...

The sippy cup is hilarious!