Monday, March 29, 2010


Guess what?  I am back in Alabama.

This is what I do these days.  I hit that sleep deprived wall, and Scott drives me and the kiddos to a halfway point where I then get in the car with mom--who has come to rescue me with the promise of sleep.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful sleep.

I am back to the land of the living with four nights of substantial sleep behind me and even a few good naps.  Thank you, mom.

Motherhood, it never ends.

One day we will emerge from this twilight zone called "living with a newborn," and our lives will resume something that looks a bit normal.

Until then, this is what we do.

Thank you, mom; thank you, husband; for loving me during this time when I am not at my best;)

And John, have mercy on us all, and please start sleeping longer at night.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Ya know LB, if you just moved back here you'd have all the help you need just minutes away! :) We love being in Scottsboro with all our family close by. We discussed moving back to Huntsville but we just couldn't leave all the family here.


Mary said...

Sweet pictures! I am so happy you're getting sleep! Will you stay until Easter?