Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Post

So...as I have mentioned here and there, we do plan to homeschool our children, which I hesistate to even mention because it always produces a raised eyebrow or two.  And I can never gather my thoughts to stutter my way through an explanation as to why we plan to do this.  I know all the reasons in my head, and the more I read and pray the more I am sure that for now this is how the Lord is leading our family, but I can't articulate all these reasons very well.  Which makes sense considering that my oldest child in only three, and I haven't actually done any true homeschooling yet (though I like to think that is what we are doing every single day). 

Anyway...I just stumbled upon this post, and I immediately wished I could print it and always have it with me if the question comes up, why do you plan to homeschool?  I especially love how she addresses the very real concern of homeschool children being too "sheltered."

Anyway...if you are considering homeschooling, or are even strongly against it, I think this post is a great read to show you the reasons why I am crazy enough to think that I should teach my children at home. As  I read the post all I could think was, yes!!!  yes!!!  and more, YES!!!

p.s. I loved teaching in the public school system, and I had a great public school experience growing up.  My decision to homeschool isn't a decision made "against" public schooling, instead it's a decision made "for" home schooling.  Does that make sense?


Jennifer said...

I think you would be a fantastic homeschooler. I really admire your desire to do it. I followed your link and read (most of) that ariticle and she had a lot of good points. It's not natural to send your kids away at four and five years old. Yes, I do it, and I do feel guilty and wish I didn't have to, but the fact is, I do have to. And the thing she said about grouping them by age- that's always seemed weird to me too! Not all nine year olds are the same! I understand WHY schools do that (duh) but it's really always seemed strange to me.
Anyway. Seriously, before I read that article, I would have been one of those people who raised her eyes and snickered behind your back if you told me you planned to homeschool. But I think it's a fantastic idea, for moms who can handle it. I sort of wish I could find some super-mom type lady who could homeschool my kids...so anyway. I really think you'd be fantastic at it.

Tutti said...

I AM totally against public school and below are some of the reasons why...

I am completely against the liberal socialist agenda that they push in public schools.

I think public schools primarily teach children to regurgitate information, rather than to love learning.

I want to be the person to expose my kids to mature material first, rather than another child who most likely is presenting new, mature information inappropriately.

I believe children learn correct social behavior a loving adult, rather than their peers.

Jessica said...

great article LB...thanks for sharing!!!