Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have 196 unread blog posts in my google reader.  That is a sure sign that things are a bit busy.  I hate being behind on my blog reading.

But...there are other, more important things, occupying my time.

This stinker has a tooth!!!  Not even six months, and a tooth popped through.  Ada was older than that.  On Sunday afternoon he was chewing on my finger (what can I say?  He loves it), and I felt something sharper than a gum, and, sure enough, there it was.  Maybe that explains some of the fussiness, and his love to chew on anything and everything.

In other John news, though the cardiologist said that his heart was all clear, John continues to get so upset and hold his breath (and it's more than just holding his breath, but it's so hard for me to really describe it), so the pediatrician has now referred us to the neurologist.  I still feel fairly certain that the doctor is going to say that everything is just fine, but it will be a relief to actually know that for sure.  From the get go, none of this seemed heart related, but I can understand how the brain might be involved, so I am a tad bit more nervous about this doctor visit, but relieved to go and get it all checked out.

As for her
Thursday she turns three, though we will celebrate on Friday.  (Thursday is the neurologist appointment in Atlanta).  We ordered her "marker" cake (Crayola), and she has requested lots of balloons.  And the biggest news of all is that Thursday she gives up her pacifier once and for all.  I have no idea how that is going to go.  We have been talking about this for about six months now because I wanted her to have plenty of warning--she LOVES her pacie.  And the plan is for her to leave it on the coffee table on Thursday night, and on Friday morning there will be a gift in place of the pacie.  Friday Mom, Ann, and "the cousins" will arrive, and Friday evening we will do Chick-fil-a, cake at home, and the tricycle and other gifts from family members.  I am hoping that she will get into the fact that she is a "big girl" now and giving up the pacie will feel natural to her.  Ha!!!  I suspect lots of tears.

Anyway...that's us this week.  I am EXHAUSTED, so I am logging off and headed up to an early bed.  John was up lots while in Scottsboro--he doesn't do well away from home--so I need to catch up on much lost sleep. 

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Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to Ada! Good luck with the paci...I hope it goes well. I have two little girls who LOVE their pacifiers, so I already dread taking it away!

Hope everything goes well at the doctor!