Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trying Days

Little miss sassy that you see above is about to drive me up. the. wall.

I love her, oh I do, but we need some discipline revamping around her, or something.

This is Ada these days--she picked out the outfit you see above, and the suggestion that we revise it a bit, say turn the dress around so that the front is actually in the front, resulted in a meltdown of gigantic proportions.  So...she wore the pants with the backwards dress and tennis shoes.  Whatever.

Then yesterday was spent in the bathroom.  Really.  Every five minutes Ada would say she needed "to go" (not tee-tee), and we would go into the bathroom, she would climb onto the toilet, crying, and then promptly hop down and say that she would just try again later.  At first I was sympathetic, patient, compassionate, and by the 20th time we were in the bathroom with no results, I was calling Scott to warn him that things were not looking good at home.  Finally, finally, Ada had success while I was away from home tutoring.  When I got home there was much dancing and jumping and singing and hugging over her success.  I kept hugging her and saying, "It's been a hard day, hasn't it, but aren't you glad you finally went to the bathroom?"  And then we would would sing and dance some more.  Then when I finally thought the day was done, and I could relax, a tutoring parent called asking for an "emergency" tutoring session, so I was out the door again.  Exhausting doesn't fully describe yesterday.

Well today, after two hours of trying to get Ada to nap, I finally gave up and said she could get out of bed.  She was so happy and smiley, and she said, "I took such a good nap!!!"  I said, "Ada, did you even close your eyes at all?"  And she said, "no, but I took such a good nap."  That's when I told her that if she wasn't going to sleep then she could help me clean.  So clean we did.  Sort of.

Truly, our days consist of one emotional melt down after another.  I'm trying to be compassionate because I think she is still having pacie withdrawals, as she will some times say out of the blue, "mommy, I wish I had my pacie.  It's hard."  Because at first I would respond, "I know it's hard, baby."  But, come on!!!  We are not at our best around here.

In the mean time, this little chunk of a guy is officially six months, so I will need to devote a post to him soon.


Margaret said...

We are in the same boat here! Our battles which end in meltdowns usually revolve around shoes on the wrong feet. In Simms' mind they are just perfect! Aggghhh! Ada is adorable and so is John!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you've finally shown pictures of her with her haircut - I've been waiting and waiting.

Such cute pictures and I love the one of John at the bottom.

I wish I could see the back of her hair. It looks good on the sides and the front.

Sorry you're so tired. MOM

Kasey said...

so glad to hear that it's not just Kloe.. I'm thinking the 3's are going to be quite a challenge.. we didn't experience the terrible 2's but here come the trying 3's!!!

Kasey said...

so glad to hear that it's not just Kloe.. I'm thinking the 3's are going to be quite a challenge.. we didn't experience the terrible 2's but here come the trying 3's!!!

Katie B said...

i kinda like the outfit with the pants... maybe i have been in HK too long ;) love you LB and you are doing an amazing job!

Jenny said...

LB, we're going through it too! And I hate to say it but Andrew is 3 and almost 4, so it may last a while. We have meltdowns every 10 minutes it seems like. I think they are just so conflicted with all these emotions they're experiencing and they have no idea how to manage it or put it into words! Hang in there!!

Corrie said...

You're not alone! A house with girls, as you know, is filled with drama! I have 2 drama queens in my house, and i'm sure a drama princess as well in Austyn (she just hasn't made it to Queen yet lol)! Abigail and I have fought over clothes all weekend and into the week...even yesterday over blue jean shorts! Are ya kidding me abigail! everybody wears blue jean shorts! AC's meltdowns are more over not being able to figure out what to wear together...pink shirt and pink shorts, no matter what shade of pink and even if they are both solid pink match in her eyes! Oh and the fact i won't let her wear church dresses to play out in the yard! hang in there! You're not alone!

Sarah Garner said...

Happy Birthday LB! Hope you can enjoy it! Miss you.

Amy said...

You should know you are not the only one in the meltdown stage. We have them daily over ridiculous things, like I gave the wrong color straw, I sat in the wrong spot, wanting to buckle himself in the car even though he can't, etc..