Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally I can post some pictures

I am definitely blogging at 7:00 am, mainly because Ada and I have been awake since 5 am, so why not, right?

I have no idea why she woke so early this morning. At 5 I tried to rock her and put her back down, but she was making lots of noise again at 5:30 am, and I am currently sharing a room at my parents' house with my sister, Sarah, so I decided to forgo letting Ada "cry-it-out," and let Sarah sleep a little later than 5:30. Scott and I were in town this weekend, and he headed back to Atlanta yesterday. I will be riding back with Ann and her kiddos on Wednesday. So, a fun-filled week for me. While here, I will also get to visit with my childhood friend, Joy Baldwin Finch, and her brand new baby boy, Brennan. I think he may be about 2 months old?

It was a fun 4th. We were able to see Scott's parents and sister on Friday morning for a very short visit. We will hopefully be seeing them for a longer visit in August. We celebrated the fourth by eating my dad's yummy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and my mom's potato salad. Plus, Ann made a pretzel salad, which I love. Then on Saturday, my mom baby-sat Ada, and Scott and I spent the day in Huntsville. We soak up any date time because we don't really have a baby-sitter in McDonough. We ate at Laredo's at the Bridgestreet shopping center. It is "gourmet" Mexican, and if you haven't picked up on it yet, Scott and I LOVE Mexican food. It was a wonderful lunch, the highlight being the homemade, super fresh guacamole.

And to top off a fun day, we met several friends for dinner and hanging out--The Turnbulls, The Owens, and the Paynes. Such fun to have some adult conversation and hang out time, knowing that Ada was safe and sound with my parents. She really attached herself to my mom this trip, and at times even preferred her over me.

And now, some much needed pictures. Many of these have already appeared on my mom's blog, but I have to post them. They were taken with my mom's camera.

Ada with her aunt Sarah.

My mom's sister, Mary Ann, Ada, and Luke. Ada is constantly trying to take things from Luke, and Luke doesn't like it!! Notice the look on his face.

And playing peacefully side by side.

Ada's new favorite past time. Getting into the cabinets and pulling everything out.


Rachel said...

She is adorable! I just love those big blue eyes and that red hair. How precious!

ESS the MESS said...

Such cute pics!!!! She's going to be a heart-breaker :)

The Slagleys said...

Great pictures! I am glad you and Scott had some date time, it is always so nice to get away for a little bit! I think Ada and Luke kind of look alike- isn't that funny?

Amanda said...

Ada's hair has grown since the last time I saw her! Still such a doll! It was fun getting to hang out on Saturday night.

Stephanie said...

LOVE THE PICS! Especially the one where Ada had somethig in her mouth and Luke was looking at her like...r u crazy girl? Don't do that! LOL :)