Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waiting on Pictures

I have been waiting to post a blog because I hate blogging with no pictures. Unfortunately, however, I left the device needed to download pictures in Scottsboro, so no pictures for a while. And I have taken some good ones lately.

We had an exhausting weekend. Ada had a fever, and she seemed to feel so bad all weekend. She was fussy, and she couldn't settle down to sleep, which contributed to the fussiness. So all three of us were tired and fussy:) I took a great picture of Scott asleep on the couch holding Ada as she watched Praise Baby. It really summed up our entire weekend, and I can't even post it. Words will have to suffice. She is feeling better, but the fever left us with a little girl who no longer wants to sleep all night, so we are back at square one--letting her cry it out. Which I am still terrible at doing!! I am fine with it in the middle of the day at naptime, but in the middle of the night I have this strong urge to comfort Ada as soon as I hear her crying, and it really prohibits the letting her cry it out. However, I know that it will only be a few nights and things should return to normal, so hopefully I can power through. I'll let you know how it goes. Things I am already adding to the prayer list for our next baby--that he or she will be a great nurser and that he or she will be a better sleeper (after the prayers that God would simply allow us to have another healthy baby, of course, or a baby at all for that matter). Ada has not been a good sleeper from day one. Just when I think I have found a solution, she stops responding to the solution, so it has been a very sleepless first year at times. Worth it, so very worth it, of course, but still, I'm tired.

As for other news, the Dave Ramsey plan is in effect, and we are doing fairly well. The budget still has some kinks in it, but the plan warned us of this. He said it would take a month or two to really figure out how to budget everything, but we feel encouraged. Our new thing that gets us through the days of wanting to spend money, is to talk about all the things we will be able to do later. Right now what is most important is to raise our children. Later, when our children are grown, thanks to Dave Ramsey, we should really be able to enjoy doing things together as a couple. Maybe then I can take that longed for trip to England. That is one of the perks to having children young, I suppose. We hopefully will still have energy when we are finished raising them. We'll see how that goes.

And that is what is happening in the Moore household. Just the same old stuff. Working puzzles, baby-proofing cabinets, fixing bottles, making beds, you know, the daily grind. But still, I love that moment in the morning when I walk into Ada's room and she is grinning at me, and we start the process all over again.

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jane said...

that smiile in the morning really does make it so worth it!