Thursday, July 17, 2008

Latest Ada Antics

Well my little monkey has just picked up another new trick to keep me on my toes. She can take her pants and diaper off, and she likes to do just that. Which, of course, is not an option. She can't run around diaperless. Scott and I watched today as she pulled one diaper tab open, stepped out of the diaper, and proceeded to continue doing what she was doing before as if it was completely normal to walk around pantsless. Oh dear.

She also added many more bruises today because we went to the pool with some moms from church, and she insisted on crawling all around the concrete rather than playing in the water. Last time she loved the water, and had so much fun splashing and playing. Not today. The water was surprisingly cold, and I guess that's what turned her off. So instead she opted to crawl all over the hot concrete, and her knees are very red and skinned. It doesn't seem to bother her, though.

Her nights are returning to normal with no waking up, and as a result, the morning nap has returned after all. I guess we are just in a transition phase, and the nap schedule will simply depend on the previous night's events. I am soaking up the morning naps, though, because I continue to stay tired all of the time. Though I know the cause this week--I am staying up way too late.

The new Dave Ramsey plan takes effect tomorrow as we embrace the envelope system. Cash it is, and once we have spent the cash in a particular envelope, that is the end of that budget category. Scott is payed weekly, so our monthly budget is broken into weekly segments. I am trying to stay positive and excited about this new money "adventure" we are on. Again, it feels just like a diet, I want the results without the work.


rhodes1 said...

Wow, that is so funny and cute that she's doing that! Wow. I'll post a picture of my hair as soon as I get one.

Lindsay said...

One of my friend's little girls did that too! Kids are so funny and challenging!

ann said...

That is sooo funny about her taking her diaper off. She is such a little monkey!

Elizabeth said...

You tell my little Ada Belle to keep "dem britches on" or I'm gonna get her. Love, Near.

That's so cute. She IS a monkey!

jane said...

i don't want to go into too much detail... but we had the same problem-- elisha had been awake for some 40 minutes in his crib(i thought he might be falling asleep again b/c he was so quiet) needless to say when i went inthe room, i couldn't even walk all the way in it was such a mess!!!
sturdy snap on diapers might be the best answer?

Jennie said...

Hey! We have done the envelope system for years now, and WE LOVE IT - so, there's some encouragement for you - y'all can do it! If you have any questions, let me know! Hope y'all are well!