Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soon she will be a baby no more

This is how I know that Ada is transitioning from baby to little girl right before my eyes--she no longer wears footie pajamas.

For a few weeks now we have had to nightly search and scramble to find pajamas that fit when it was time for Ada to go to bed. Today, I finally loaded Ada into her car seat and we headed to Old Navy in search of new pajamas. And what do you know, they don't make 12-18 month footie pajamas at Old Navy. Instead, tonight, Ada wears pajama pants and a top, like her older cousins. Her older cousins that are no longer babies. Where did this first year go? I am not a sentimental person, but, I kid you not, today as I cut the tags off of her new pajamas, I had tears in my eyes. I don't know if my hormones were overreacting or what the problem was, but I felt emotional over her new pajamas. However, that same girl still hasn't graduated to a front facing car seat, so there are remnants of newborn Ada scattered throughout the day. I want to hold onto those little things.


Milla said...

What a sweet post. I can only imagine how fast it must just flash before your eyes! She's a newborn, then she's toddling around the house and wearing grown-up non-footy pajamas! I don't blame you for getting teary-eyed. Post some pictures of her new grown-up pajamas. I'd love to see them!

jane said...

it is soooo hard to find footies in the bigger size! sad sad sad... it is crazy how fast they are grown up. e is in a front facing car seat, so he is no longer a baby ;-)
definately makes me want a baby!

The Slagleys said...

I love the old navy footless PJs! They had some great ones at the outlet at the beach, so I got a few pairs. They do have 12-18 month footie PJs at childrens place, and I love them! They have the sticky bottom soles, and they have great sales on them too! I feel like every day that goes by makes them more and more like big kids and not babies. I will get my baby fix soon enough though!

LB said...

yea for the footie pajamas info. I keep our house pretty cold at night, and Ada kicks off all of her covers, so I really need footie pajamas to help her sleep all night. Though the old navy pajamas sure are cute. Especially the part that covers her big diapered bottom. So funny.

Allyson said...

We are having the same pajama issue. Childrens place does carry footed pajamas up to toddler size. I havent shopped there but we have gotten some from there from the grandparents. I think they go up to 4T! I like the footed ones because I hate to think of their little feet being cold. :)
So even if you dont shop there, rest assured they do exist!